Student Visas

Get a study visa go to Germany

People likely go to Germany and find different ways to get any type of visa go to Germany. Most of the student search for study visa in Germany, because German colleges and institution are very popular and also admired by internationally among the students. German colleges are popular on their quality of education. Certificate and degree are achieved from the institution of German colleges are acknowledge throughout the whole world and everywhere. Arranging program in German academic financed and administrated by the German government. Department of education direct to the state colleges, schools and universities.

Admission and process of Visa

As you know the process of visa for admission always a complex and hard process. Sometimes the interview which is taken for your student visa is so deceptive because you don’t aware about that what types of question will be asked during the student visa and you don’t know that what the officer expect from you. This activity is the life changing process you should more care about that to take each step for your study visa admission process.

Universities and colleges list

Germany is well known and most popular education which mostly preferred among the internationally, because the Germany education offered the student visa officially 380 recognized universities offering education all over the world.

Program by faculty

German universities offer different programs for a study to provide the standard education. Following are the most offered courses in Germany

  • Engineering and science
  • Medical and medicine
  • Agriculture, nutritional science, and forestry
  • Mathematics
  • Sports
  • Social sciences, law, and economics
  • Cultural studies and language

Working Right on your Study visa

A student who comes from a study in Germany can work up to 20 hours in a week during their study time for part time and full time during vacations. Student allowed earning from 6 to 8 Euro per hour which approximately 500 to 700 euro per week. On vacation, they are allowed to work full time. A student can search part time jobs by reading any newspaper and job shops.

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Posted On : January-13-2017

Study Visa those for who want to study in Germany

Universities of Germany are very popular internationally all over the world student like a study in German colleges and universities. The quality of education is admired by the student and well known for their educational qualities. If you study at the institution of German it's acknowledged and give preference everywhere because degree and certificates of German universities have own value internationally. Academic programs are managed by the government of Germany for finance and administration.

Posted On : December-30-2016

Visa Processes of Student and Admission for Malaysia

Process for visa and admission is always the main issue for student and employee to get the visa for Malaysia. The process of visa is very complex in nature because some type of interview of the visa is deceptive and people don’t know that what type of question and answer session will be performed in and what they expect from the applicant. One of the best opportunities for all the people to get our consulting from a professionally trained consultant for visa and admission. Highest success due to the trained counselors from going on different levels process.

Trained Counselors

We provide the best counseling session to the application which is related to your destination of your study, recommended institutions and courses. Our well-trained counselors from foreign universities guide the applicant and student with admission and visa for requirements of visa, admission and via policies.

Posted On : December-29-2016

Get Visa for Australia for Temporary Graduate

If you are studying in Australia then there is another opportunity available for international student to stay in Australia for Short period of time when they completed their studies this visa will allow permit to you to stay in Australia for temporary period after completing your studies

Workstream of Post-Study

If you are an international student and you are graduated from Australian institution then:

  • International student qualified from appropriate institution then they can avail the opportunity of the post-study stream.
  • This stream is available in the case when the student applied for their first student visa for Australia and their visa is granted.
  • Category of this visa depend on the time of your degree normal routine of this visa can be issued for maximum 4 years and also it depends on the study courses of students.
  • For applying Post study visa candidate should be present in Australia after that application is available for decision making.

Post-study work visa Requirements

A candidate who interested to apply for a visa if:

  • He is under the age of 50 years
  • An international student and completed their study in Australia.
  • Holds visa of eligibility.
  • Proficient in English minimum in one in given list(IELTS, PTE, IBT, TOEFL and tests accepted)
  • Meet with the health-related care insurance for health requirements in Australia.
  • Meet requirements of character
  • In the last six months meet the condition of Australian study of last 2 years
Posted On : December-16-2016

Australia Visa for Temporary Graduate

This visa allowed the international student to stay for a temporary period of time in Australia this is only for that candidate who recently graduates from the institution or university of an Australian education. This visa will allow you to stay for a temporary period after finishing your studies.

Posted On : December-08-2016

Student Visa for Australia

This visa will allow a candidate for full-time study in any institute of Australia which is recognized by the Australian government institution.

Posted On : December-07-2016