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Student Visas

Study Visa for Italy

Being 8th most industrialized country in the world, Italy is among the 4 countries that created “European Area of Higher Education”. Italy has excelled in education and provides great opportunities for everyone to educate and gain practical experience.

Posted On : July-19-2017


Attention all the aspiring and talented students. We are not only offering you the chance of your Lifetime, but literally also giving you the chance of making your Lifetime. Now you can study in Germany without any tuition fee. Admissions are open in various renowned universities offering BS, MS, Masters, M.Phil and much more.

One of our many shining examples is Mr. Noman Butt, having done his Honors in Mechanical Technology, with 3+ CGPA. He successfully got admission in Germany’s renowned public sector university in MSc Process Safety and Environmental Engineering, without having to pay any tuition fee.

Posted On : July-19-2017

Student visa for SWEDEN

Sweden has a very soft climate that keeps the environment of the region pleasant throughout the year. The country is famous for being a great tourist spot offering a vast range of entertainment activities that include sports, singing, dancing, food and much more. Unlike other spots.Sweden provides the opportunity for entertainment without having to spend a fortune.
Living in Sweden is inexpensive and satisfying. Education is considered very important pursuit here.It is known to provide standard education within the range of affordability of people as the cost of education is reasonable and affordable when compared to any other country across Europe.
Living in Sweden can be a wonderful experience for people who wish to live and study in a country that is pleasant and peaceful.   

 Admission and visa procedures are difficult. An interview for visa needs good preparation.  It is the life changing opportunity.Therefore the help of professional guides is taken.  Our consultants have the highest success rate.  

Admissions and Visas

Getting admission and applying for the student visa isn't simple. Applicants will have to undergo through tough and rough situations.  Visa interview needs proper guidance by the efficient professionals who have first-hand knowledge and sense of the actual requirements to satisfy the Visa officer's area of concern. We provide excellent guidance to our customers by our professionally trained guides whose services are strongly suggested for admission and visa. 


Document Checklist

♦  College admission letter
  Previous educational transcripts/certificates
  Sufficient funds
  Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score
  Valid passport

Posted On : March-27-2017

Get a study visa go to Germany

People wishing to move into Germany and find different ways to get any type of visa. Students frequently search for study visa in Germany as educational institutions are reputed for their quality of education.  Degrees acquired from Germany are acknowledged throughout the whole world. German Government makes financial arrangements. Arrangement for academic programmers. Education department serves direction to the state schools, colleges, and universities.

Admission and process of Visa

The process of visa for admission is generally a complex process. Sometimes, the interview for the student visa may get so deceptive due to little or partial information about many types of questions which are asked during the student visa and you don’t know what the officer expects from you. This activity is a life changing process one should be careful about it to accomplish each step satisfactorily for your study visa admission process.

List of Colleges and Universities across Germany.Germany is famous for quality education which is mostly preferred by the international student's community for education in Germany offers student visa across 380 recognized colleges and universities from all over the world.

Program by faculty

German universities offer a wide range of programs for students to impart the standard education. Following are the frequently offered courses in Germany:

  1. Engineering and science
  2. Medical and medicine
  3. Agriculture, nutritional science, and forestry
  4. Mathematics
  5. Sports
  6. Social sciences, law, and economics
  7. Cultural studies and language
  8. Working Right on your Study visa

A student urging to study in Germany is permitted to work up to 20 hours in a week during their study time as part time or full time during vacation and public holidays. Students are allowed too few hours to meet their living expenses which are approximately 500 to 700 euro per week. On vacation, they are allowed to work as full time. One can search part time jobs by Internet surfing, reading any surfing through Internet, reading newspaper or job shops.

For direct link check this link: More

Posted On : January-13-2017

Study Visa those for who want to study in Germany

Universities of Germany are very popular internationally all over the world. Students like to study in Germany colleges and universities. The quality of education is admired by the students from all over the world.  If one ever study there in any institution of Germany. The degree holder is acknowledged and given preference everywhere because those degrees and certificates of Germany's universities have it's own worth and value everywhere. Academic programs are managed by the government of Germany in the field of finance and administration.

How to Apply

Process of Admission visa

Complexities always occur when people want to take action for a visa process of admission because when you want to do an action for your visa process the first thought that would strike your mind is that, what would be the visa offering party expectations from you. This step is taken carefully because this is a life-changing opportunity for your bright future.

Apply for Admission

The choices of your study disciplines are to be finalized before sending the application for Visa should and choose the universities and institutions in which you are seeking admissions. We also help you in submitting your applications for a student visa for different universities in order to increase the chances of your admission. After submission, we regularly keep in touch and keep contact with the universities for your applications and update you regularly.

Offer Letter arrival.

At the time when we would get a notification for your student visa admission letter, we will forward it to you. Give a quick response after receiving the offer letter, because universities give certain time for closing off the admission offer. 

Organize your balance

For student visa, you need a covering letter and the complete list of expenses for your living here would be given to you. You should go to the nearest Deutsche bank and open an account in any branch bank of Germany.

You need to take the visa process of an entire case of your visa and submit the entire supporting document before your appointment date. German language course will also be provided. For more assessment please visit the given links.

Posted On : December-30-2016

Visa Processes of Student and Admission for Malaysia

Process for visa and admission is always the main issue for student and employee to get the visa for Malaysia. The process of visa is very complex in nature because some type of interview of the visa is deceptive and people don’t know that what type of question and answer session will be performed in and what they expect from the applicant. One of the best opportunities for all the people to get our consulting from a professionally trained consultant for visa and admission. Highest success due to the trained counselors from going on different levels process.

Trained Counselors

We provide the best counseling session to the application which is related to your destination of your study, recommended institutions and courses. Our well-trained counselors from foreign universities guide the applicant and student with admission and visa for requirements of visa, admission and via policies.

Posted On : December-29-2016

Get Visa for Australia for Temporary Graduate

If you are studying in Australia then there is another opportunity available for international student to stay in Australia for Short period of time when they completed their studies this visa will allow permit to you to stay in Australia for temporary period after completing your studies

Workstream of Post-Study

If you are an international student and you are graduated from Australian institution then:

  • International student qualified from appropriate institution then they can avail the opportunity of the post-study stream.
  • This stream is available in the case when the student applied for their first student visa for Australia and their visa is granted.
  • Category of this visa depend on the time of your degree normal routine of this visa can be issued for maximum 4 years and also it depends on the study courses of students.
  • For applying Post study visa candidate should be present in Australia after that application is available for decision making.

Post-study work visa Requirements

A candidate who interested to apply for a visa if:

  • He is under the age of 50 years
  • An international student and completed their study in Australia.
  • Holds visa of eligibility.
  • Proficient in English minimum in one in given list(IELTS, PTE, IBT, TOEFL and tests accepted)
  • Meet with the health-related care insurance for health requirements in Australia.
  • Meet requirements of character
  • In the last six months meet the condition of Australian study of last 2 years
Posted On : December-16-2016

Australia Visa for Temporary Graduate

This visa allowed the international student to stay for a temporary period of time in Australia this is only for that candidate who recently graduates from the institution or university of an Australian education. This visa will allow you to stay for a temporary period after finishing your studies.

Posted On : December-08-2016

Student Visa for Australia

This visa will allow a candidate for full-time study in any institute of Australia which is recognized by the Australian government institution.

Posted On : December-07-2016