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Immigration to Sweden

EU Blue Card for Sweden permits are highly educated skilled professionals from non-EU countries to come to Sweden for work and living. They can explore the wide range of career opportunities accessible in Sweden. BlueCard is almost similar to the US Green card.


  1. Master's  degree.
  2. 5 years of work experience.
  3. You need to have an employment contract.
  4. Employment contract for a period equal to or more than one year.


  1. It is basically a temporary work and residence permit for 2 years that can be renewed as per the duration of your employment contract, under the same conditions.
  2. Immediate family unification.
  3. Visa holder and his family members have the right to travel to and from the EUcountries.

Visa Application Fee

  1. EU Blue Card – Sweden: 140.00 Euro
  2. Renewal: 100.00 Euro

Disclaimer: Embassy charges may change without prior notice.

Posted On : March-27-2017

Dependent visa for Sweden

Sweden Dependent Visa is planned for close relatives of family members who have a legitimate Sweden Citizenship or hold Permanent Swedish Residence Permit.

The family member must be above the age of 18 years close relatives must have Sweden Dependent Visa or Sweden Residence Permit as a dependent of the family member to go to Sweden.

Close Relatives are:
♦   Visa applicant should be/or intend to become a spouse or lawful spouse
♦   Children under 18 years and their parents

Note: Additional close dependents are permitted on providing an  evidence that confirms the applicant as a  major dependent on the family member who is going to or is inside Sweden

Posted On : March-27-2017

Student visa for SWEDEN

Sweden has a very soft climate that keeps the environment of the region pleasant throughout the year. The country is famous for being a great tourist spot offering a vast range of entertainment activities that include sports, singing, dancing, food and much more. Unlike other spots.Sweden provides the opportunity for entertainment without having to spend a fortune.
Living in Sweden is inexpensive and satisfying. Education is considered very important pursuit here.It is known to provide standard education within the range of affordability of people as the cost of education is reasonable and affordable when compared to any other country across Europe.
Living in Sweden can be a wonderful experience for people who wish to live and study in a country that is pleasant and peaceful.   

 Admission and visa procedures are difficult. An interview for visa needs good preparation.  It is the life changing opportunity.Therefore the help of professional guides is taken.  Our consultants have the highest success rate.  

Admissions and Visas

Getting admission and applying for the student visa isn't simple. Applicants will have to undergo through tough and rough situations.  Visa interview needs proper guidance by the efficient professionals who have first-hand knowledge and sense of the actual requirements to satisfy the Visa officer's area of concern. We provide excellent guidance to our customers by our professionally trained guides whose services are strongly suggested for admission and visa. 


Document Checklist

♦  College admission letter
  Previous educational transcripts/certificates
  Sufficient funds
  Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score
  Valid passport

Posted On : March-27-2017

Get a study visa go to Germany

People likely go to Germany and find different ways to get any type of visa go to Germany. Most of the student search for study visa in Germany, because German colleges and institution are very popular and also admired by internationally among the students. German colleges are popular on their quality of education. Certificate and degree are achieved from the institution of German colleges are acknowledge throughout the whole world and everywhere. Arranging program in German academic financed and administrated by the German government. Department of education direct to the state colleges, schools and universities.

Admission and process of Visa

As you know the process of visa for admission always a complex and hard process. Sometimes the interview which is taken for your student visa is so deceptive because you don’t aware about that what types of question will be asked during the student visa and you don’t know that what the officer expect from you. This activity is the life changing process you should more care about that to take each step for your study visa admission process.

Universities and colleges list

Germany is well known and most popular education which mostly preferred among the internationally, because the Germany education offered the student visa officially 380 recognized universities offering education all over the world.

Program by faculty

German universities offer different programs for a study to provide the standard education. Following are the most offered courses in Germany

  • Engineering and science
  • Medical and medicine
  • Agriculture, nutritional science, and forestry
  • Mathematics
  • Sports
  • Social sciences, law, and economics
  • Cultural studies and language

Working Right on your Study visa

A student who comes from a study in Germany can work up to 20 hours in a week during their study time for part time and full time during vacations. Student allowed earning from 6 to 8 Euro per hour which approximately 500 to 700 euro per week. On vacation, they are allowed to work full time. A student can search part time jobs by reading any newspaper and job shops.

For direct link check this link: More

Posted On : January-13-2017

Apply for business visa in Germany

There is the best opportunity for the user who wants to apply and willing to work and spread their business in Germany. Individual can apply when someone planning goes to Germany and set up their business in Germany. Some countries resident doesn’t need a visa when they are staying only for 90 days.

Many people want to visit Germany so, the business visa will provide them good chance to visit Germany for a business trip. The business visa for Germany is a dream of every person just go through on a business trip and set up their business.

Posted On : January-13-2017

Visa to visit Germany Spend your holidays

Many people have a dream go to the foreign countries, but Germany visa is a dream of everyone they want to visit Germany to get any appropriate visa just enter to Germany and start their career. So, this person looking for any type of Germany visa. Some business man wants to spend their holidays in Germany go on visit visa. The visa for Germany is an ideal location for the international people, many people want to go individually preferring Germany to spend their holidays. Germany offers visas for visit purpose on an international level for that citizen who wants to visit Germany on a short-term basis to meet with their friends and enjoy their holidays with family and also come for study short courses.

Germany Visitor Visa

The country provides great opportunities for tourism and its welcome their international citizen the applicant must go through a valid process which is mentioned all the condition for visit visa or tourist visa.

Posted On : January-13-2017

Visa for Work Opportunity available in Malaysia

As you know that Malaysian government providing opportunities for skilled labor to give them working visa that encouraging people for skilled labor for Malaysia to enhance and support the Malaysian economy. There are 3 types of work permits from the government of Malaysia for skilled workers who want to work in Malaysia.

Pass for Employment

This visa is issued for those who have specialization in some specific field of technical, engineering and managerial skills; this visa is issued for those workers who are highly skilled workers such as Engineers, nurses, IT Professional, doctors and technical staff. The validity period of this visa is 2 years in beginning and the permit for work is starting from 6 months up to 5 years. Also, more extension will be provided up to 10 years. If you are interested in working in Malaysia you must aware about some restrictions which are mentioned for the government of Malaysia. Employment pass has identification on the basis of international level. People who acquired the pass of employment give most precedence on an international level if you wish to move other countries such as UK, Canada, USA, and Australia. Interested people should have a passport for legitimate and offer letter from a Malaysian company.

Pass for Professionals

This visa is issued for those individual employed who are working from a foreign company in Malaysia duration of the professional pass is 6 months.

Temporary Pass of Employment

This pass of employment is for those workers who earning monthly salary less than RS 5000 per month for the duration of 2 years.

If you need the best services for forwarding your request to the required visa so, we give you a helping hand for delivering your work visa details, if you need further assessment please feel free mail to the your contact details send along with your short profile our processing team will help you in details assessment.

There are some other details you can check on the direct link given below for more information

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Posted On : January-03-2017

Staff wanted for Warehouse in (Malaysia)

One of the best Malaysia warehouse company offered a number of vacancies for the following position which include one month Paid leave after 2 years with ticket accommodation and food provided by the company medical via insurance company etc.

  1.  Assistant Manager Warehouse (2) Vacancies) Graduate 2 years experience (Salary 5500 RM)
  2. General Warehouse worker (12 vacancies) > Matric/ Grade 12 Certificate. (salary : 2250 RM)

Duties will be arranging and controlling receipts and dispatching of goods. Receiving, storing and issuing of goods. Picking and packing goods to be transported. Carrying and stacking goods in the warehouses.

Please send your Complete CV* for selection at for the following email

Posted On : January-01-2017

Latest Scholarships

University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield founded long time ago, the purpose to aspiration and support student financially. They established university to support student and teacher economically, health and children. Today Sheffield University are globally spread and support citizenship stretches in 150 countries all over the world. Our student, our city and our staff spread and stretches their roots and connection around the globe in a whole planet. On the basis of our values founding principles for the purpose to continue more opportunities for our young scholar. Our organization approach provides innovative ways to inspire the world try to find more ways to pressing critical problems. As a part of civic universities provide a platform for open debate, solve problems together and working for the best to cooperate with each other. We appreciate while making partnerships which inspire the new challenging ways to open doors for new thinking. Open with people that gain and facilitate them with one of the best opportunities.

Grants Warwick International Chancellor's

The Chancellor's International Scholarships are distributed yearly by means of a consolidated postgraduate exploration grant rivalry and are interested in every single abroad understudy in any order offered at Warwick.

Host Institution(s):

College of Warwick, UK

Level/Field of study: PhD program in any control offered at Warwick

Number of Scholarships:

Target bunch: Understudies named "abroad" understudies for expenses purposes

Grant esteem/considerations/term: Honors made for passage in Autumn 2017 will incorporate both of the accompanying:

• The full installment of abroad educational cost charges (worth up to £19,740 at 16/17 rates, this figure is liable to increment with swelling for 2017/18)

• An upkeep stipend in accordance with RCUK rates (temporary £14,539* for full time honor holders in 2017/18)

• Length of subsidizing: 3.5 years unless you are as of now in your first year of study when you apply then the length of financing will be lessened in like manner


• Applicants for a Chancellor's International Scholarship should likewise be applying for a PhD at the University of Warwick to start in October 2017;

• Students right now selected on a PhD or MPhil/PhD at the University of Warwick may apply in their first year of enlistment as it were.

• Applicants must hope to be "abroad" understudies for expenses purposes, however there is no other nationality criteria;

• Applicants might be from any control at Warwick.

Application guidelines:

New Student can apply for the Chancellor's International Scholarship by finishing the Joint Postgraduate Admissions and Scholarship Application structure. On the off chance that you are qualified for this grant you will be inquired as to whether you might want to be considered for financing as a component of your application to the University. The due date for applications is 23:59pm (GMT) on 18 January 2017.

It is imperative to peruse the Guidance Notes for Applicants and visit the official site (join found underneath) for point by point data on the best way to apply for this grant.


Official Scholarship Website:


Scholarships Pershing Square Oxford Graduate

: Consistently, the Pershing Square Foundation recompenses up to five full grants to bolster extraordinary understudies on the 1+1 MBA, covering both the Master's degree and the MBA year.

Host Institution(s): Said Business School, University of Oxford in United Kingdom

Level/Field(s) of study: Oxford's 2+2MBA Program: Oxford University's one-year full-time MBA program consolidated with one of the one-year Masters programs offered by differebnt Uni offices

Number of Awards: 5 every year

Target bunch: Open to all nations

Grant esteem/considerations/span: The grant gives subsidizing to educational cost, school charges and a commitment towards everyday costs covering both the Master's degree and the MBA year.

Qualification/Selection Criteria: Pershing Square Scholarships are granted to people with the accompanying properties:

• Leadership skils, showed through highly  experience and inspiration

• Strong individual character, uprightness and responsibility

• Intention to concentrate on tending to world-scale social change  in ur vocation, similar in a latest association or through advancement of another undertaking

• Ability to imagine how to accomplish adaptable and economical answers for these difficulties

• Articulated vision on how the Oxford 1+1 MBA will permit you to satisfy your destinations

You should meet the section necessities for both the Oxford MBA and your picked Master's system.

Application directions:

To be considered for the grant, you should apply to the 1+1 MBA by 17 March 2017. It would be ideal if you take note of that some joining forces Masters close their applications in January 2017 and others in March 2017.

Notwithstanding the Master and MBA applications, you should present an exposition of close to 500 words tending to this inquiry 'How would you plan to change the world? What does this let us know about you as a man?'

It is critical to peruse the how to apply page and visit the official site (join found beneath) to submit the application structure and for itemized data on the most proficient method to apply for this grant.

Site: Official Scholarship Website