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Helpers required in Saudi Arabia

There is very good opportunity for all those Pakistanis who don't have a technical knowledge but still wants to go abroad and support their family. Helpers are urgently required for (Baldia) Yambu & Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. An handsome amount of salary is being offered by the company which is about 1100 SAR. Other than salary there can be overtime.

Following are the Job Facilities being offered by the company:

  • Overtime
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Medical Treatment
  • Insurance
  • Transportation


Posted On : August-21-2017

Different Jobs offered in Saudi Arabia

A well reputed company “ABV Rock Group” in Saudi Arabia needs staff on urgent basis. Selection will be done through AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL. Interested candidates should apply quickly as selection process has been started. Below are the required positions.

Chief Supervisor - Transport

A chief supervisor for transport is needed with some experience in relevant field.


Chief Supervisor- Workshop

One chief supervisor for workshop is required with knowledge of supervision in relevant field.


Supervisor Crane & Rigging- Mechanical

One supervisor for crane and rigging machine is required. Must have good knowledge of mechanical matters.


Wheel Loader Operator

A wheel loader operator is needed to operate wheel loader.


Fitter -Ducking & Ventilation

One fitter is required to perform fitting of ducting and ventilation tasks.


Mechanic- Power Plant

A mechanic is required to work on power plant. Must be competent.


Supervisor- HVAC

One supervisor for HVAC is needed by the company.


Driver Heavy Duty

A driver with heavy duty vehicle driving experience is needed. Must have a valid driving license.


Supervisor Crane & Rigging- Mechanical

One supervisor for crane and rigging machine is required. Must have good knowledge of mechanical matters.


Driver Ambulance

A driver is needed to drive the ambulance. Must have a valid license.


Denter Painter

One denter painter is required to fix the vehicle denting painting issues.



One purchaser is needed to handle purchase matters. Must be qualified and experienced.



A rigger is required to perform related tasks.


Salary Package

The salary will be given according to the experience of the applicant.



Free residence, food, medical services and transport services will be provided by the company. Furthermore, all facilities according to the Saudi labor law will be provided.

Posted On : August-19-2017

Heavy Vehicle Drivers are required in Qatar

A famous company of Qatar is hiring heavy vehicle drivers on urgent basis. Selection will be done through Saif Manpower Services. Interested candidates should apply quickly as selection process has been started.


Age Limit

Maximum age limit is 41 years.



Interested candidates are required to visit visa provider office with the original passport and necessary documents etc. For any information, please feel free to contact the visa provider. Detail is given at the end of the page.



  1. Visa will be issued urgently.
  2. Medical facility will be provided by company.
  3. Transportation will be given by company.


Location of Job

All driver will be called in Qatar for this job as the company is situated in Qatar.


Posted On : August-16-2017

Career opportunity for Taxi Drivers in Dubai

‘RTA Dubai Taxi’ is the famous company of Taxi in Dubai.Right now, the company is looking for experienced taxi drivers on urgent basis. Selection will be done through Peace and Protective Overseas Employment Promoters.Interested candidates should apply quickly as interviews and tests are being conducted. Both male and female can apply for this job as there is no restriction for female candidates.


  1. Visa will be issued in just seven days.
  2. Medical facility will be provided by company.
  3. Transportation will be given by company
  4. All facilities according to the Labor Law in UAE will be provided to the drives.
  5. 37% will be given to the driver.


Location of Job

All driver will be called in Dubai for this job as the company is situated in Dubai (UAE).


Posted On : August-03-2017

Security Guards needed in UAE on urgent basis

A well reputed company “EVT SECURITY”based in UAE needs 200 security guards on urgent basis. Interested candidates are highly encouraged to apply. A good opportunity for the people who have experience in security.


Number of Vacancies

200 security guards are required.



2380 DHS will be the salary package. Free accommodation, medical and transportation is the responsibility of company. All facilities will be given according to the UAE labor law.


Posted On : August-01-2017

Diversity Visa for US

The US Congress signed the Immigration Act in the year 1990, officially establishing the Diversity Visa program, aimed at making 55,000 immigrant visas available in the annual lottery. This not only aims at promoting diversification among the immigrants by choosing immigrants from countries with low immigration rates but also enables them to attain US Permanent Residency. Owing to the limited number of visas in this category, these visas are distributed among 6 geographical regions worldwide, and about 7% visas are received by each eligible country in a particular year.

In order to attain Diversity Visa (DV), applicants have to go through the following simple steps:

Entry / Registration

To get registered for Diversity Visa, one needs to refer to its Visa Instructions and check for the eligibility of his/her native country for that particular year. The registration is free of cost.

Submission of Entries

The applicants need to ensure that they adhere to the application duration and schedule mentioned in the instructions, as there is a limited time to get all the processes done in order to get registered. The applications are to be submitted electronically through the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website i.e. Each applicant can submit only one application for him/herself. Late and/or multiple entries, or paper entries will render the applicant disqualified from the process.

After successful submission of the application, a unique confirmation number will be displayed on the screen, which is important for tracking one’s application status and will be used for further correspondence and visa processing.

Selection of Applicants

After making random selections, the chosen applications are given out as Entrant Status Check on E-Diversity Visa’s website. To check one’s status, the applicant needs to enter his confirmation number to view the result if he is selected or rejected. In either of the case, all the applicants will be notified of their application status via the website only.

In the case of selection, the successful applicants will be informed and guided by immigration fee criteria through a confirmation page with further instructions.

In case of selection

After the selection of an application, the applicant will need to complete the further steps as instructed on the website. These steps are mandatory, as their successful completion will enable the applicants for interview scheduling, which will determine their visa eligibility.

Confirm your Qualifications

In order to be eligible for Diversity Visa, the applicant must have at least High School education (Intermediate) / 12 years of education, and /or at least 2 years of practical work experience during the last 5 years. Without meeting either of these two compulsory requirements, applicants do not need to apply or continue the application process for the Diversity Visa.

The occupations in which one needs to have an experience of 2 years are listed on the Department of Labor’s website i.e.

The applicants not meeting the above criteria will be disqualified from the visa process and will not be refunded with the application fee.

Submit Visa Application

The applicants will then need to fill the Form DS 260 (, by putting the case number in login. The applicants must ensure that the family information is completely and correctly updated. Incomplete or incorrect information will lead to disqualification. In case any applicant adds a family member (spouse or unmarried children under the age of 21), the applicant will also need to upload a document proving his relationship.

The applicants will re-enter their case numbers on the sign and submit the page without zeros in order to obtain the print out of the confirmation page, which is to be taken along in the interview.

Prepare Supporting Documents

It is mandatory for all the applicants to prepare and arrange the required documents for the interview. These include:

  • Documents/Certificated proving minimum education (High School or Equivalent Diploma) and/or certificate of minimum 2 years’ work experience
  • Birth Certificates of the applicant and all the family members
  • Certified Court and Prison records for the applicants who were convicted of crime
  • Deportation documents for those applicants who have been previously deported by US Government
  • Original or attested copy of Marriage Certificate, in case the applicant is married
  • Marriage Termination Documents (Original or attested copies), including divorce documents or death certificate
  • Military Records (copy), in case the applicant has served in the armed forces
  • Police Records, for applicants aged 16 years or older, get additional information from
  • Custody documents, for applicants who have adopted children


Please ensure to take the certified translation of those documents which are prepared in another language. Please note that any false or erroneous information presented in the either of the documents or submitting fake documents will lead to disqualification from visa process.


The applicants will be notified about their interview schedules via email. They will need to log in to the entrant status check on Diversity Visa website to obtain the information regarding their interview schedules.

Prepare for Interview

All the applicants should ensure they are well prepared for the interview. Please be sure to:

  • Review the interview schedule
  • Review the embassy/consulate instructions carefully
  • Schedule a complete medical examination for self and each family member applying for visa
  • Arrange all the required documents, passports, originals and certified copies and 2 photographs each of all the visa applicants
  • Any additional information from embassy/consulate


Also, inquire about the latest fee criteria and pay the requisite fee per person in accordance with the embassy’s/consulate’s instructions.

Visa Application Interview

All the applicants should appear for their interviews, adhering to the interview schedules. If the family is traveling with the applicant himself, they will accompany the applicant to the interview. If they are to travel separately, they will be scheduled for an interview later. Be sure to carry the following documents to the interview:

  • DS 260 Confirmation Page

  • Passports

  • Photographs

  • Medical Exam Results

  • Original Supporting Documents

  • English Translations

  • Visa Fees

If the applicants have any further queries regarding interview or want to request any change in their interview schedules, they must contact the embassy/consulate at earliest.

After the Interview

After the interview, the consular officer will inform the applicants if their applications have been approved or denied.  In the case of approval, you will be informed about:

  • Getting your passport and visa
  • Sealed Immigration Packet containing the required documents to be presented to US Customs and Border Protection upon entering the US
  • When you should travel (applicants shall travel well before their visa expiry)
  • USCIS Immigration Fee (to be paid to US Citizenship and Immigration Services after receiving immigrant visa)
  • Vaccination Records (ensure that children are vaccinated according to instructions and requirements)
  • X-Rays (Carry all the required X-Rays in your hands)
Posted On : July-29-2017

Senior HR Admin Officer required in Qatar

Our prestigious client, based in Doha, urgently requires a proactive and experienced individual for the position of Senior HR Admin Officer. The ideal candidate should have at least Bachelors degree in Business Administration or equivalent, with minimum7 years of general work experience and at least 5 years of specific work experience in the field of HR in reputed engineering companies. Candidates must have excellent communication skills and should be computer literate.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for:

  • Managing and administering all the employees’ and workmen’s compensation, medical, and life insurance requirements
  • Managing and resolving each employee’s government and immigration related issues and updating the company’s online database system accordingly
  • Managing travel schedules, tickets, and accommodations of the entire workforce
  • Managing daily administrative operations of the company and assisting all the respective departments in ensuring smooth operations on daily basis
  • Designate, organize, and supervise the work of the administrative support staff
  • Ensuring the adherence to company policies and procedures as per the highest corporate standards
  • Ensuring timely maintenance of the infrastructure of the office and fleet management
  • Facilitating the registration and renewal of company documents with the government and the respective departments
  • Managing the procurements function and effectively managing vendor relations
  • Analyzing, assessing, and coordinating with the management on training and development of the workforce

The candidate having a transferable visa or Arab nationality will be preferred for this role. The fixed salary package for this role is 12k Qatari Riyals

Posted On : July-29-2017

OCTG Inspector required for Kuwait, UAE, or Qatar

Synigence Global is seeking applications for the position of OCTG Inspector, to be based either in Kuwait, UAE, or Qatar. Asian applicants below the age of 35, with requisite qualification and relevant work experience, will be given preference.  

The ideal candidate will be responsible for:

  • Preparing and compiling reports on successful completion of required jobs

  • Inspecting, repairing, and refurbishing the drilling piper, drilling tools, and other necessary equipment

  • Ensuring the safety and security of the company property, equipment, and machinery after the end of each shift

  • Operating the Forklift, automatic power tools, and other complex machinery on regular basis

  • Ensuring that all the machinery and work equipment is in proper and safe working condition

  • Reporting the management immediately if there is any disruption or technical fault in the equipment or machinery

  • Coordinating and liaising with clients and third party inspectors on regular basis

  • Maintaining highest standards of work ethics, following the SOP’s and checklists during machine/equipment operations, and ensuring the efficient housekeeping of the entire work area

  • Assuring the adherence of company policies and management instructions at all times


The candidate should be a team player, having excellent communication skills. Interested candidates can email their updated resume along with all the academic documents and the certificates of technical training on or

Posted On : July-29-2017

Latest Scholarships

University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield founded long time ago, the purpose to aspiration and support student financially. They established university to support student and teacher economically, health and children. Today Sheffield University are globally spread and support citizenship stretches in 150 countries all over the world. Our student, our city and our staff spread and stretches their roots and connection around the globe in a whole planet. On the basis of our values founding principles for the purpose to continue more opportunities for our young scholar. Our organization approach provides innovative ways to inspire the world try to find more ways to pressing critical problems. As a part of civic universities provide a platform for open debate, solve problems together and working for the best to cooperate with each other. We appreciate while making partnerships which inspire the new challenging ways to open doors for new thinking. Open with people that gain and facilitate them with one of the best opportunities.

Grants Warwick International Chancellor's

The Chancellor's International Scholarships are distributed yearly by means of a consolidated postgraduate exploration grant rivalry and are interested in every single abroad understudy in any order offered at Warwick.

Host Institution(s):

College of Warwick, UK

Level/Field of study: PhD program in any control offered at Warwick

Number of Scholarships:

Target bunch: Understudies named "abroad" understudies for expenses purposes

Grant esteem/considerations/term: Honors made for passage in Autumn 2017 will incorporate both of the accompanying:

• The full installment of abroad educational cost charges (worth up to £19,740 at 16/17 rates, this figure is liable to increment with swelling for 2017/18)

• An upkeep stipend in accordance with RCUK rates (temporary £14,539* for full time honor holders in 2017/18)

• Length of subsidizing: 3.5 years unless you are as of now in your first year of study when you apply then the length of financing will be lessened in like manner


• Applicants for a Chancellor's International Scholarship should likewise be applying for a PhD at the University of Warwick to start in October 2017;

• Students right now selected on a PhD or MPhil/PhD at the University of Warwick may apply in their first year of enlistment as it were.

• Applicants must hope to be "abroad" understudies for expenses purposes, however there is no other nationality criteria;

• Applicants might be from any control at Warwick.

Application guidelines:

New Student can apply for the Chancellor's International Scholarship by finishing the Joint Postgraduate Admissions and Scholarship Application structure. On the off chance that you are qualified for this grant you will be inquired as to whether you might want to be considered for financing as a component of your application to the University. The due date for applications is 23:59pm (GMT) on 18 January 2017.

It is imperative to peruse the Guidance Notes for Applicants and visit the official site (join found underneath) for point by point data on the best way to apply for this grant.


Official Scholarship Website:


Scholarships Pershing Square Oxford Graduate

: Consistently, the Pershing Square Foundation recompenses up to five full grants to bolster extraordinary understudies on the 1+1 MBA, covering both the Master's degree and the MBA year.

Host Institution(s): Said Business School, University of Oxford in United Kingdom

Level/Field(s) of study: Oxford's 2+2MBA Program: Oxford University's one-year full-time MBA program consolidated with one of the one-year Masters programs offered by differebnt Uni offices

Number of Awards: 5 every year

Target bunch: Open to all nations

Grant esteem/considerations/span: The grant gives subsidizing to educational cost, school charges and a commitment towards everyday costs covering both the Master's degree and the MBA year.

Qualification/Selection Criteria: Pershing Square Scholarships are granted to people with the accompanying properties:

• Leadership skils, showed through highly  experience and inspiration

• Strong individual character, uprightness and responsibility

• Intention to concentrate on tending to world-scale social change  in ur vocation, similar in a latest association or through advancement of another undertaking

• Ability to imagine how to accomplish adaptable and economical answers for these difficulties

• Articulated vision on how the Oxford 1+1 MBA will permit you to satisfy your destinations

You should meet the section necessities for both the Oxford MBA and your picked Master's system.

Application directions:

To be considered for the grant, you should apply to the 1+1 MBA by 17 March 2017. It would be ideal if you take note of that some joining forces Masters close their applications in January 2017 and others in March 2017.

Notwithstanding the Master and MBA applications, you should present an exposition of close to 500 words tending to this inquiry 'How would you plan to change the world? What does this let us know about you as a man?'

It is critical to peruse the how to apply page and visit the official site (join found beneath) to submit the application structure and for itemized data on the most proficient method to apply for this grant.

Site: Official Scholarship Website