Migration visa

Immigration to Sweden

EU Blue Card for Sweden permits are highly educated skilled professionals from non-EU countries to come to Sweden for work and living. They can explore the wide range of career opportunities accessible in Sweden. BlueCard is almost similar to the US Green card.


  1. Master's  degree.
  2. 5 years of work experience.
  3. You need to have an employment contract.
  4. Employment contract for a period equal to or more than one year.


  1. It is basically a temporary work and residence permit for 2 years that can be renewed as per the duration of your employment contract, under the same conditions.
  2. Immediate family unification.
  3. Visa holder and his family members have the right to travel to and from the EUcountries.

Visa Application Fee

  1. EU Blue Card – Sweden: 140.00 Euro
  2. Renewal: 100.00 Euro

Disclaimer: Embassy charges may change without prior notice.

Posted On : March-27-2017

Dependent visa for Sweden

Sweden Dependent Visa is planned for close relatives of family members who have a legitimate Sweden Citizenship or hold Permanent Swedish Residence Permit.

The family member must be above the age of 18 years close relatives must have Sweden Dependent Visa or Sweden Residence Permit as a dependent of the family member to go to Sweden.

Close Relatives are:
♦   Visa applicant should be/or intend to become a spouse or lawful spouse
♦   Children under 18 years and their parents

Note: Additional close dependents are permitted on providing an  evidence that confirms the applicant as a  major dependent on the family member who is going to or is inside Sweden

Posted On : March-27-2017

Partner Provisional Visa and Partner Migrant visa

This visa will allow only those candidate whose spouse or de facto partner has an Australian citizenship or permanent residence of Australia or citizen of New Zealand to travel and want to live as an Australian citizen.

Posted On : November-30-2016

UK visa for Temporary Worker–International Agreement Visa

If you apply for temporary worker – international agreement visa then the following process will be performed:

  • You will be doing a contract for covered work by an international law in the UK if you are working for a private servant for a foreign government in a diplomatic household.
  • You also meet with other requirements eligibility.
Posted On : November-20-2016

Exceptional Talent Visa for the UK

This is great news for all visa seeker and job seeker who dreamt that they will become into the UK, because of their one of the best opportunity for all eager candidate who wants to live in the UK and build their future to find work in the UK.

You will apply for the visa of Exceptional Talent when if you have the endorsement in the field of science, medicine, information technology, robotics, engineering, humanities or the arts as:

  • An emerging leader for the exceptional promise.
  • A recognized leader in exceptional talent.
  • You must be outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Application Process for this visa has 2 – stages.

You need to apply first for the office or home endorsement as an emerging leader in your field.

If once you endorsed you can apply for the visa there are some places is defined for this visa category.

After an endorsement, the application process for this earliest of 3 months before you travel. You can apply for a visa from March of 16 when you plan to travel to the 15 June.

When you apply for this visa you can get a decision within 3 weeks while you apply from the outside of the UK.

Stage 1:

All the applicants need to pay the fee for the first stage is an E287 fee to get endorsement when applying for the switching your visa or May you apply for the first time including of this visa category. If you do not have an endorsement then you won’t automatically get a visa when your visa is turned down then you reimbursed the fee of your endorsement.

Stage 2:

For exceptional talent, visa depends on your all fee circumstances.

How long you can stay with Talent visa in the UK

You can stay in the UK for not more than 5 years and 4 months when you apply for the outside of UK. You can choose how long you can stay for the apply maximum time allowed. You have to pay all the healthcare surcharge and another amount you can choose stay if you need to extend the visa for more than 5 years then you need to read the complete details of extension of your visa.

In this visa, you will find complete information check the details in the link below.


Posted On : November-20-2016

Visa for Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) in the UK

If you want to get Graduate Entrepreneur visa then you are able to set up your business in the UK if you are:

  • A graduate who has been officially having a one of genuine and incredible business idea.
  • Meet all other eligibility criteria.

Endorsement getting

You must endorse by the

  • DIT (Department of International Trade) as part of the global entrepreneur graduate program.
  • If it is an authorized endorsing body by UK higher education institution (HEI).
Posted On : November-13-2016

Work Process for Express Entry

Express entry work for managing different application process for the permanent residence of federal economic immigration programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  2. Canadian Experience program
  3. Provincial Nominee program
  4. Canadian Experience Class

Territories and provinces recruit a candidate for the permanent residence through express entry system to meet the local labor market.

Posted On : November-12-2016

Permanent Residence Applicants for Visa

Applying for permanent residency visa under the Federal Skilled Trade (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC) programs and Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) you must have to create the Express Entry Profile before you are invited to apply.

Note: for this type of visas and programs, territories and states use a specific portion of the provincial nominee program (PNP) to nominate a candidate for the express entry.

Determine the Criteria of Your Eligibility

Streams for eligibility requirements of each province and territory nomination and guidelines for their PNP can be changed without informing to the candidate. For the most up to date information about the roles of application of different provinces and territories available on this site.

Under the Non-Express Entry Stream nomination:

  • Your application on the basis of paper-based process, and
  • If the territory and province mention you eligible and nominates you, then you are able to send the application for citizenship and immigration for Canada (CIC).

If you under the nominated territory and province Express entry stream:

  • You must meet with their requirements, and
  • Meeting with minimum criteria which are defined for Express Entry
  • Meeting the requirements includes at least one of the immigration programs covers.

For more information about eligibility criteria you can use online tool which provides you complete information, if you are invited permanent residence application then you have to submit an online application for CIC.

Check the link for how to come Canada

How to Apply for the PNP

  • Apply to the territory and province for nomination,
  • If you are nominated by the territory or province then apply for the CIC permanent residence.

Complete your Express Entry stream profile and you must meet the minimum criteria for express entry.

For more details visit the link for complete information about this visa.

Posted On : November-09-2016

Visa for Diversity Program Instructions for Entry

The instructions of DV-2018 program English version available in PDF format provided for user convenience and use required. Download the PDF go to the link given below.

The official version of program instruction is only available in English language unofficial translation also available in additional languages.

This section of the visa explains the process of entry for the purpose of immigrant visa for Diversity. First step of diversity immigrant visa for pursuing. Other additional information available in subsequent pages displayed in the visual flow chart.

Section of 203© the immigration and nationality act (INA) class of immigrants known as diversity immigrants, from other countries this visa has low rates historically for immigration to the united states. Limited visa application for a fiscal year. DV visas distributed between almost six geographic regions and at least each country receive more than seven percent visas of available DVS in a year.

Requirements for DV visa program provided by the US law of immigration. If you would like to register for the DVs visas program so, you must read all the instruction and requirements for your visa type.

No cost for registration of the DV program. You are encouraged for entry of this program without a consultant of Visa or visa agent as well some other facilitator who offer help. If there is some kind person who would like to help you, then you should be prepared for entry when you present the correct answers to the questions and confirm the retain page confirmation number.

When your confirmation is received then you will be directed for further confirmation all other details about the DV Visa programs given in detail in the link given below.

Posted On : November-09-2016

Immigration to Canada Complete Applying Process

If you want to come to Canada and extend your staying in Canada for long period details are given.

Find your eligibility for applying

Need to know for which types of immigration programs you can apply. Each program has the different application process and requirements for eligibility.

The questions which can asked from

  • Education
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Family members
  • Language ability
  • Income source
  • Details about when job offered

Based on your response we can decide that for what types of programs you may able to apply.

Details instruction for your eligibility is given in the link below;jsessionid=E11D5D18EF6B88F7BE61A120CF22BC73

Posted On : November-02-2016