MBA Visas

Sales Executives Required in Dubai

The DU Channel Partner company in Dubai is looking for some experienced Sales Executives for their company. Candidates with expertise in sales are highly encouraged to apply.



2500 SR will be given that is equivalent to 70,000 Rs. Attractive commission will also be offered.



Company will be responsible for providing Visa, Metro Travel Card and health insurance.


Posted On : August-25-2017

Sales Assistant Visa for Malaysia

A very famous company of the Malaysia requires a sales assistant for a shopping mall. A handsome amount of salary is being offered which are about 1300 Malaysian currency. Only Sunday is off and employee has to work 26 days of the month. Accommodation, transport and medical facility will be provided by the company. Please contact with the visa provider for further information. Visa provider information's are given at the end of the page.

Posted On : March-21-2016