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visa for Canada

Visit to canada visa requirements

November-01-2016 Islamabad

Different areas of certain territories and countries have the role to give them biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) for the purpose of applying for visitor visa, work permit, study permit find out information for the biometrics details link is given for biometric information.

Fees for Biometrics if Required:

       Application                          $CAN                     PKR

  • Individual                                    85                           6,800
  • Family                                       170                         13,600
  • Group of entertainers                   255                         20,400

Note: fee for biometrics cover all types of activities cost, including fingerprints and a passport size photo. It covers VAC services to all the clients who submitted the application through a VAC.

Some of the core services applications include transmission of visa application to the office, checks completeness, supporting document passport from the visa office and tracking services for online applications.

Pay your Visa Fee Online

Before submitting your application you will be asked about paying your fees which you can submit through your account. You can pay the fee with prepaid card, credit card from

  1. American Express
  2. Master Card and
  3. Visa

How to Apply

How to apply on paper to pay online fee

For the paper application, you can use this option for submitting your fee. If you are interested in paying online, payment will be allowed only when your application is submitted through your account

Some of the instruction while paying your fees online

  1. PDF Reader Software
  2. Valid email address
  3. Credit, master card etc

When you complete the process:

  1. Print your payment receipt
  2. Attach with your paper application.


Instructions below give for Apply on paper and pay

Applying on paper payment process will be after submitting your application. The payment instruction is given in details, but you need to visit the link below.*

Footnotes about your Application

  1. Multiple entry visas should issue for eligible candidates. Single entry visa cases are given, for example:
  2. The purpose of entry into Canada on an official visit is limited for this visa an applicant is eligible for paying fee exemption.
  3. A candidate gathered for some special type of event on the basis of one time in Canada.
  4. A candidate eligible for specific procedures and guidelines.

Provider Details

Note:- only gathers the information from relevant sources for its valuable users. Therefore, reiterates and requests its valued users to be very careful while performing financial transactions, as will not at all be responsible if our valued users experience a mishap including scam or fraud.

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