Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa for Australia

October-12-2016 Islamabad

The Skilled Recognized Graduate visa allowednew engineering graduates students that gain experience in eligible universities to get 18 months of working skills in their field this visa on the basis of temporary only allowed to get skill for 18 months.

This is best opportunity for all those candidate who are outside of Australia if someone would like to apply for this vise he should be an outside of Australia when visa is confirmed unless you are living in New Zealand who have special category for visa (subclass 444). New Zealand citizen has a special category for gaining this visa will be outside when visa is decided. Those candidate who are inside in Australia are not eligible for this type of visas. If you want to apply for this visa you must be outside from Australia.


Visa lets what you do

This visa provide staying opportunity for candidate and his family to stay in Australia for 18 months. Where you can use below facilities.

  • Travel
  • work
  • enroll in further professional studies
  • Study to improve your English skills.



If your visa is expired you cannot further stay in Australia to apply for new visa when you are in Australia, extremely limited circumstances may be allowed but not sure. You cannot stay more and leave Australia the date on which you visa will be expired.

Your passport

When you plan for new passport, you have to apply first before getting your visa, in many cases, you and your family provide a valid passport while accessing to visa.

Further details are given on the below link. 

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