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visa for Australia

Partner Provisional Visa and Partner Migrant visa

November-30-2016 Islamabad

This visa will allow only those candidate whose spouse or de facto partner has an Australian citizenship or permanent residence of Australia or citizen of New Zealand to travel and want to live as an Australian citizen.


You only get this the only condition when you are married to or in other de facto relationship with an:

  1. Citizen of Australia
  2. Permanent or eligible resident of Australia
  3. Another eligible citizen of New Zealand

You must outside of Australia before you applying for partner provisional visa.

More about this Visa

The partner provisional visa subclass 309 is the first process towards the other permanent partner visa of subclass 100. You can apply on one application if your permanent and temporary visas and pay for only one application of your visa. The process of your application goes in two stages.

You should be outside of Australia while you applying for the partner provisional visa subclass 309 is granted. For the partner visa subclass 100 you may in or outside of Australia while this visa granted.

Let’s this visa do for you

The partner provisional visa brought following opportunities for you.

  • Enter to Australia and stay long for many years here until a decision is made by your partner about your permanent Partner visa
  • You can work in Australia
  • A study in Australia without gain access to the government funding which is prohibited.
  • Enroll in Medicare Australia's scheme for health-related care to overcome your issues and expenses which are provided by some government insurances.

If you are later granted a permanent visa, you can:

  1. You can live as a permanent resident in Australia indefinitely.
  2. Study and work in Australia.
  3. You can apply for citizenship of Australia.
  4. You can sponsor your eligible relative for permanent resident.
  5. Payment of social security also you can receive.
  6. Travel in Australia from and to for five years from the date when your visa is issued after that you need to get another visa for living in Australia.

How to Apply

You need to ready  your passport or all your traveling document for the visa which you apply. If you plan to get a new passport then you should apply before your visa application. If you get a new passport and then you lodged the application then you gives all the details of your new passport to one of our offices.


Who could avail this opportunity to get the partner provisional visa subclass (309)


You must be in a genuine relationship and ongoing relationship. You must live with a partner if there is some separation needed it must be temporary.

Both the parties will free for their consent of relationship.

You can apply while you intend to marry with your partner so you must take your decision because on the basis of this your visa is made.

In most of the cases, the permanent residence will not be granted for the eligible candidate more than two years from the lodge of your application.

Also, link available for understanding the complete process about cost or other criteria checks link here.

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