Australia Visa for Candidate Working Holiday Visa

December-01-2016 Islamabad

This visa for all those candidates who wants to work on holidays in Australia this opportunity for young people they can live for up to a year.


You might get the opportunity of this visa if you are:

  • Your age does not yet turn to 31 years and you are at least 18 year age.
  • Do not have a child dependent that accompanying you at the time when you needed to the government at any time when you stay in Australia.
  • Should have a passport from an eligible country.

The details of visa

Eligibility criteria of age – government announcement

The government provides the complete details while giving the relaxation for the upper age of eligibility from the 30 to 35 years, including the legislative requirements, timeframes, and engagement for the partner countries. Now the current age for the 18 to 30 eligibility will place which will remain for time being.

Working with holiday visa (subclass 417) is a temporary visa for all the young people to the work on a holiday in Australia for up to a year. This visa for only temporary work to encourages the exchange of cultural to close and ties between Australia for eligible countries.

First Working Holiday visa: when you apply for the visa you must be outside the Australia while avail the first working holiday visa and the visa will be decided.

Second Working Holiday visa: when you apply for the second-holiday working visa you in Australia when the visa is granted. If you outside the Australia then you can also apply for this visa when the visa is granted.

Working in Australia – six months with one employer: you generally only can work with the same employer for not more than six months.

What this Visa lets you do

The visa for Holiday work will allow you to:

  • You can stay in Australia up to 1 years
  • Generally, work with one employer for only six months to work in Australia.
  • If you want to study then only for four months.
  • When the visa is valid you easily re-enter and leave in Australia any number of time.

How to Apply

You need complete travel document which includes your visa, passport, fingerprints details, photograph, and biometric confirmation before lodged your application you should provide the complete details to the office before travel.


You can avail this visa if you are already holding another visa is available. You should contact us if you do not confirm that your current visa prevents the applying process of further visa for an Australia.

Who could get this visa

You might be able to get this visa if you:

  • Who have not previously get the visa of Work and holiday temporary visa subclass 462 for Australia
  • Hold a valid passport from that country which involved the working holiday program with Australia.
  • A genuine visitor who want to have a holiday in Australia.
  • To support yourself should have enough money on a working holiday.

The second-holiday working visa

The complete condition for first and second holiday working visa will provide you a complete link for more details check the given link for this visa.

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