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Attractive Job Opportunities in UAE

November-09-2017 Rawalpindi Mentioned in detail

The famous semi government company in UAE needs competent and experienced staff for its company. Accommodation, medical and transport along with all the facilities under labor law will be provided by the company. Quick visa and departure will be provided with a very reasonable expense. Below are the staff required.

  1. Valet Parking Driver with Fixed Salary + Tip + Food + Accommodation.

  2. Skiff Folders with 1050 DHS salary

  3. Salesman with 1500 DHS salary

  4. Electrician with 1000 + 200 DHS

  5. Security Guards with 2140 DHS

  6. Industrial Plumbers with 1100 +300 DHS

  7. Plumber with 900 +1200 DHS

  8. Helper with 720 DHS

  9. Agriculture Labor with 900 DHS

  10. Taxi Driver 2500 DHS + Commission + Trip

  11. Pipe Fitter with 900 + 1200 DHS

  12. Welder with 1600 DHS 3G/4G

  13. Ragger with 1000-1200 DHS

  14. Waiter/Cleaner/Kitchen Helper/House Cleaner with 1000 DHS



All the interested candidates are requested to please come along with their complete documents and photos.


How to Apply

Please come to visa provider office for complete process. 


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