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Sports Visas

UK Visa for Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting

You can apply for visa of Temporary Worker – creative and sporting if:

  • For offering work as a sportsman or as a worker for creative.
  • You should outside the Switzerland and European economic area.
  • Meet with the requirements of eligibility.

A creative worker is anyone among you who has some talented in the field of creative industry, for example, a musician, dancer, film crew member and actor.


You should have a certificate of sponsorship of some licensed employee applying before coming to the UK for work. The work must relate in the UK for which you are going off your sponsor organization.

How long time it will be takes

Before the work which you are starting you must apply earlier before 3 months of your visa, the date will be mention on your sponsorship certificate.

You must need to check the guidance processing times that you could find out how long your visa take a time in your country.

Fees detail for your Temporary worker – creative and sporting visa depends on the situation that where you are applying and what process you use all the details will be provided by the link given bottom of this content.

How Long You can stay

You can come on this visa for the UK then you are up to 12 months you can stay or additional time which is given in you sponsorship certificate is 28 days you may apply for the extension of your visa.

Posted On : November-20-2016

The UK visa for Sportsperson or Sportsman

You can apply for the Sportsperson visa if you are eligible for the following requirements:

  • You are a qualified to coach or an elite sportsman which is recognized by the internationally among the world where your highest level of establishment.
  • Your endorsing application governing by a sports body.
  • Your employment provides you the highest level of sports developing.
  • You are from outside European economic area and Switzerland.
  • You meet with other requirements of eligibility.

How long it will take for getting your visa

You can apply for the visa while before 3 months from the day when you are arriving at the UK date should be listed on the sponsorship certificate.

When you get a visa if you want to take some decision about your then you can take within 3 weeks.


Payment details for the Sportsman visa or sportsperson visa depend on the situation, how you will apply and from where you are.

You will have to pay all the charges about your health related and medical treatment which is also part of your application.

How long you allowed to stay

You are allowed to stay in the UK with the visa of sportsperson for minimum up to 3 years also there is another way available for you to extend your visa for more than 3 years maximum your visa will be extended 6 years.

If you apply the extension of your Sportsperson visa then you are should include any dependent on your current visa which includes your children who turned to 18 your stay. Before expiry of your current visa, you should apply for an extension of your visa.

Posted On : November-20-2016