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Business Visas

Opportunity for Business Delegation Tour to Turkey

Make the most of the trip to Turkey and explore the growing and fast-paced market in one of the most progressive nations of the world.

Business Delegations can have a lucrative opportunity by touring to Turkey and observe the market trends which are viable and conducive for expanding their business on the international platform. Processing shall be done within 15 days, with or without paper.

People who are interested in making the most of this lifetime opportunity are welcome to contact

Sameer International SDN BHD Malaysian Company, Office No. 24 S, 2nd Floor, Gulberg Center 3, opposite Hafeez Center, Lahore.

Landline: 042-35750245

Mobile: 0308-7696419


Posted On : July-30-2018

Business Visa for Bulgaria & Australia

A lucrative opportunity has arisen for aspiring businessmen who want to establish / grow their businesses abroad. Business Visas are available for growing economies, Bulgaria and Australia. You can choose to apply wherever you want, for making a promising business career. The ideal candidates should preferably be 28 years old and above.

Following are the required particulars for Business Visa application:

  • Copy of Passport

  • No. of Photographs (4)

  • Bank Statement

  • Medical Certificate

  • Insurance

  • Educational Documents

  • Business Credentials & Documents


Interested candidates can visit AFMH International, Office No. 6, 4th Floor, Tele Tower Plaza, Link Road, Model Town, Lahore. For further details, please contact at:

Mobile 1: 0308-7696419

Mobile 2: 0306-7518237


Posted On : March-26-2018

Apply for business visa in Germany

All those wishing to apply and feel inspired to work and expand their business in Germany can apply for a Business Visa. However, the residents of some countries don't require a visa while they stay less than for 90 days.

Many people like to visit Germany every year.Therefore, the business visa will provide them the good reason to visit Germany for a business trip. It's a dream of many individuals to avail a business visa and establish their business.


If you are planning to visit Germany for business visa purpose then you have to submit following documents:

  1. Fill in the Business Visa Application Form.
  2. 2 latest photographs.
  3. Passport with maximum validity.
  4. Bank statement of 3 previous months.
  5. Health-related Confirmation Letter from insurance worth at least EUR 30,000.00
  6. References to your business.
  7. Confirmation of the hotel reservation and airline ticket.
  8. Driving license of the applicant and details of utility bills concerning the accommodation evidence.
  9. Payment of Business visa charges at least EUR 60.00


At Times Consultants we offer our services to help our clients by providing easy, simple and efficient ways to place your visa application. Our panel constitutes professionals with experience of exhibiting 100 percent successes in virtually all cases. Should you require any information about your Business Visa in Germany please send us an email. We would be highly pleased to reserve your appointment with our official to respond promptly and provide you all the required issue.

For more queries, you can contact us by calling us on Cell no.03008249640 and send us your mail on (

Posted On : January-13-2017

Australia Visa for Business Talent

This visa allows the candidate to come to the Australia and establish your new development business or may enhance your existing business in Australia there is two types stream.

  • Stream for significant business history: for high-caliber who want to do business in Australia
  • Capital Entrepreneur venture stream: for people who have sourced venture capital funding from the Australian venture capital Association limited.
Posted On : December-02-2016

Australia Visa for Electronic Travel Authority

The visa provides you way to visit Australia for the following purposes listed below:

  • Business purposes visit means you go to Australia trip for a business purpose.
  • As many time you want to up to a year.
  • You want to stay for only three months in a single visit.

About the Electronic Travel Authority

Only some special type of passport holders avail this visa to apply online for this visa. Travel agent you need to use to apply for this visa.

An ETA is an authority for electronically stored to travel for Australia. You must outside of Australia when you applying for the visa of ETA.

Your ETA gives you entry to Australia for up to three months as business visitor purpose or as a tourist you can travel with this visa. This visa lets you do for study purpose up to 3 months in some circumstances travel to Australia.

Business visitor activities include:

  • Making employment inquiries or general business.
  • About business contract to reviewing, investigating, signing and negotiating.
  • Activities carried out which a part of official work that is government to government visit.
  • Participating in seminars, trade fairs or also some conferences as long as you will not pay for your participation of the organizers.

There is another way that if you live longer in Australia then you should apply for another type of visa such as Visitor visa (subclass 600).

There are some other ETA holders visa available then you can replace with any ETA if you hold one of these ETA. Following all the other requirement and complete details are also available in the link now you should check the depth details in the given link

Posted On : November-29-2016

Apply for Business Innovation and Investment Visa in Australia

The process for applying Business Visa subclass is appropriate for the traveling to Australia you first download the relevant visa application form.

Your visa application needs supporting documents. List of supporting documents you need to provide for your visa checks the list of provided under the types of visas.

Don’t delay your documents at the time of submitting your visa application you must submit complete documents which include passport, photograph fingerprints details etc.

Your visa fees payment in the form of bank draft you may organize your payment for your visa. Service changes also will be payable at the time of visa application.

For most visa application needs first that you will satisfy the requirement eligibility for the visa.

  1. This visa allows you to manage your business in Australia and continue your business innovation stream.
  2. If you are willing to continue business investment visa in Australia then you can apply for the Permanent visa subclass 888 (business Innovation and investment)
  3. Entrepreneur stream in Australia you can continue your entrepreneurial activity in Australia.
Posted On : November-24-2016

Investor visa for the UK

You can apply for this visa if:

  1. You are interested in investing in UK 2,000,000 euro or more.
  2. You are meet all other eligibility requirements.

Before traveling you have to apply 3 months earliest.

How long you can stay

When you come to the UK within the investor visa then you are allowed for maximum 3 years and 4 months to stay in the UK, you are also allowed to extend your visa.

You should first include any dependents which already on your current visa application to an extent also you can include your siblings who have turned to 18 during your stay in the UK.

Financial Sponsorship for Students

You may also apply for the visa of Investor when you are already in the UK or you are:

  1. A student nurse
  2. General Visa (Tier 4) holder
  3. Writing up your thesis, re-sitting up an exam or studying
  4. A qualified nurse or midwife-related to overseas.

Applying for Investor visa read Guidance

You have to read complete guidance before applying for this visa which provides you complete details about the application process and gives you complete guidance of fee-related details.

You will need to have a photograph, fingerprints which are also taken at the application center of visa which is a part of your visa application.

You need to collect all the residence permit of biometric within 10 days when you arriving time is near in the UK.

You may able to get faster all your services of visa. It depends on your country that you are in-check with the application of your visa.

Family Members

Your dependents, siblings and family members could able to come with you on this visa when you come to the UK. They must have a visa if they are outside of Switzerland or European Economic Area.

Dependent is anyone includes the following:

  • Your wife, husband, and another sex partner
  • Your child must be under 18

Complete guidance for your dependent application available you must read before applying for the visa.

Adult family members need to provide criminal record certificate which is necessary who belongs from any country where they live for 12 months or more than 10 years.

They also pay all the healthcare charges which are given treatment for them health-related issues as part of their application.

More details will be provided in the link give below

Posted On : November-20-2016

UK General Visa for Skilled Work (Tier 2)

Candidate can apply for Tier 2 Skill work (General) visa if:

  • You have been offered the job and skilled work in the UK.
  • You are outside the UK and Switzerland.

You need to provide the certificate of sponsorship from that sponsor who has licensed before applying for work and job in the UK.

The work must be same as your sponsor working in some organization.

How long it will take

You need to apply for a visa before 3 months the day you start working in the UK. This date appeared on the certificate of your sponsorship.

You are able to get a decision on the visa within 3 weeks when you apply for a visa in the UK from outside.

Fee Process

How much you have to pay for Tier 2 (General) visa this depends on the situation where you are applying for a visa. Fees details also given in the link which available at the bottom of this page.

As per your application requirements, you will pay the healthcare surcharge fee details of shortage occupation fee are listed then you have to check in the link.

How long you can stay in Tier 2 Skill Work (General) Visa

You are allowed in the UK with Tier 2 visa for a maximum of 5 years and 14 days, or the given time in your certificate of sponsorship and 1 month given for shorter.

After getting expires your visa you can apply for an extension of your visa before the expiration of your current visa, but you do not stay more than 6 years.

How to Apply for Visa

Before applying you should read the full guidance of policy. You will pay all the healthcare surcharge which is part of your application.

You must apply online for Tier 2 (general) visa all type of requirements of photograph and fingerprints and biometric verification taken in your visa application center.

You have to collect the biometric permit and other verification within 10 days before arriving in the UK you may be able to get the visa and other services faster.

This link can give you more details about this visa check for more details.

Posted On : November-12-2016

UK Visa for Entrepreneur Who Wants to Run a Business in the UK

Entrepreneur visa application required the following terms:

  • If you are eager to set up or run a business in the UK.
  • If you are meet the other requirements eligibility.

How long you can get the visa

For traveling, you need to apply earliest 3 months before. Get decision about your visa within 3 weeks.

Check the guide processing times to find out the visa process that how long time getting a visa in your country.

Knowledge of English Required

You must prove that your knowledge of English language before you apply:

You need to prove your English Knowledge by either:

  1. An approved English language test passed with the level of B1 in listening, writing, reading and speaking.
  2. Having qualified academic English qualification was taught by UK degree or an equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or master degree.

You must able to meet the requirement of English language. You need to check the full guidance in details in link gives at the bottom of this page.

Documents needed before you apply

  1. Valid travel identification documents with a current passport.
  2. Evidence of your investment fund.
  3. Plan of your business.
  4. Evidence provide for supporting yourself when you need to stay
  5. The proof requirement of an English language.

How to apply and what you need

You must apply for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa.

You will need to provide fingerprints and photograph to the visa center this is as part of your application.

If you want to extend your visa then you should apply before your current visa expires extension of visa only gives on the basis of your eligibility requirements. You have to prove that you are working as a self-employed or entrepreneur.

In this link where I prefer to you for all enthusiast and an eager candidate who want to set up a business in UK complete visa information available in the given link which may help you for the process of your Entrepreneur visa for more visit, the link gives below.

Posted On : November-12-2016

Immigrant Federal Skilled Workers Program

Now the new system applied to manage people that how they can apply for a program called Express Entry.

Immigrated as a Skilled Worker by using Express Entry

For skilled immigrants live as a permanent resident based on the ability to live permanent in Canada and our economy gives a part for them. To manage people with skilled work experience program who applying for immigration to Canada this system is called Express Entry.

Work of Express Entry

An Express Entry system provide you overview about filling your online profile and how to apply for permanent residency.

Become a Candidate

Get the entry in Express Entry pool, your eligibility criteria and what you need to add in your profile that include you in the express entry pool.

More details about express entry are given in detail check the link for complete line by line information

Assessment Form Download

Posted On : November-12-2016