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Visas for United Kingdom

UK Visit Visa (For Single Person and Families)

The sun never sets on the British Empire. Whoever said so, said very rightly. You too can avail this golden opportunity to visit UK, either as a single person or with your family, and explore the future opportunities available for you and your family in different arenas of life.

The visa processing time is 30 days. Just show us your travel history, bank statement, and your NTN, and we shall do the rest for you. People who are interested in making the most of this lifetime opportunity are welcome to contact Sameer International SDN BHD Malaysian Company, Office No. 24 S, 2nd Floor, Gulberg Center 3, opposite Hafeez Center, Lahore.


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Posted On : July-30-2018

Vacancy available for Cook and dish wash in UK/England

One of the best opportunity in UK/England for that applicant who wants to work in the UK, because a UK holding nationality people need the following worker for dish wash and cook. Many people are interested in getting work in UK/England they offered very interesting opportunity because they don’t need charges for your visa only you spend all the expense when arriving at the UK.

They recruitment party give you good package, accommodation, and other facilities and you will live with them. Visa duration at least for two years you will serve them for two years and you spend time in the UK for two years on the basis of cook and dish wash visa.

Many applicant looking direct job and some also spend more money only to arrive to the UK and they also find any types of visas where they only get entry to the UK, because when ones you arrive there you find more other opportunities to build your career, so this is one of the best opportunity and also trusted source to get entry for England or the UK.

Salary when you arrive they will give you:

  1. Cook Salary: 7$ / hour
  2. Dish Washer: 5$ / hour

You can send your application only one page CV on fax


Posted On : December-29-2016

Temporary Worker – Government Authorized Exchange Visa for the UK

You are able to apply for the visa of Temporary worker – government authorized Exchange visa if you have the following eligibilities criteria.

  1. If you are interested in getting the opportunity for UK visa then there is a good way to take a short time for training and some work experience, research or fellowship, an overseas language program from a government authorized exchange scheme approval also take from the government.
  2. Also meet some other requirements of eligibility and should outside the European Economic Area.


You need to have the sponsorship of certificate from licensed sponsor before you are applying and coming to the UK for work.

Your research, training, and work must be related the work of your sponsor organization.

  1. An approved exchange scheme for running the organization.
  2. Higher education institution.
  3. Government department or agency.
Posted On : November-21-2016

UK Visa for Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting

You can apply for visa of Temporary Worker – creative and sporting if:

  • For offering work as a sportsman or as a worker for creative.
  • You should outside the Switzerland and European economic area.
  • Meet with the requirements of eligibility.

A creative worker is anyone among you who has some talented in the field of creative industry, for example, a musician, dancer, film crew member and actor.


You should have a certificate of sponsorship of some licensed employee applying before coming to the UK for work. The work must relate in the UK for which you are going off your sponsor organization.

How long time it will be takes

Before the work which you are starting you must apply earlier before 3 months of your visa, the date will be mention on your sponsorship certificate.

You must need to check the guidance processing times that you could find out how long your visa take a time in your country.

Fees detail for your Temporary worker – creative and sporting visa depends on the situation that where you are applying and what process you use all the details will be provided by the link given bottom of this content.

How Long You can stay

You can come on this visa for the UK then you are up to 12 months you can stay or additional time which is given in you sponsorship certificate is 28 days you may apply for the extension of your visa.

Posted On : November-20-2016

UK visa for Temporary Worker–International Agreement Visa

If you apply for temporary worker – international agreement visa then the following process will be performed:

  • You will be doing a contract for covered work by an international law in the UK if you are working for a private servant for a foreign government in a diplomatic household.
  • You also meet with other requirements eligibility.
Posted On : November-20-2016

The UK visa for Sportsperson or Sportsman

You can apply for the Sportsperson visa if you are eligible for the following requirements:

  • You are a qualified to coach or an elite sportsman which is recognized by the internationally among the world where your highest level of establishment.
  • Your endorsing application governing by a sports body.
  • Your employment provides you the highest level of sports developing.
  • You are from outside European economic area and Switzerland.
  • You meet with other requirements of eligibility.

How long it will take for getting your visa

You can apply for the visa while before 3 months from the day when you are arriving at the UK date should be listed on the sponsorship certificate.

When you get a visa if you want to take some decision about your then you can take within 3 weeks.


Payment details for the Sportsman visa or sportsperson visa depend on the situation, how you will apply and from where you are.

You will have to pay all the charges about your health related and medical treatment which is also part of your application.

How long you allowed to stay

You are allowed to stay in the UK with the visa of sportsperson for minimum up to 3 years also there is another way available for you to extend your visa for more than 3 years maximum your visa will be extended 6 years.

If you apply the extension of your Sportsperson visa then you are should include any dependent on your current visa which includes your children who turned to 18 your stay. Before expiry of your current visa, you should apply for an extension of your visa.

Posted On : November-20-2016

Investor visa for the UK

You can apply for this visa if:

  1. You are interested in investing in UK 2,000,000 euro or more.
  2. You are meet all other eligibility requirements.

Before traveling you have to apply 3 months earliest.

How long you can stay

When you come to the UK within the investor visa then you are allowed for maximum 3 years and 4 months to stay in the UK, you are also allowed to extend your visa.

You should first include any dependents which already on your current visa application to an extent also you can include your siblings who have turned to 18 during your stay in the UK.

Financial Sponsorship for Students

You may also apply for the visa of Investor when you are already in the UK or you are:

  1. A student nurse
  2. General Visa (Tier 4) holder
  3. Writing up your thesis, re-sitting up an exam or studying
  4. A qualified nurse or midwife-related to overseas.

Applying for Investor visa read Guidance

You have to read complete guidance before applying for this visa which provides you complete details about the application process and gives you complete guidance of fee-related details.

You will need to have a photograph, fingerprints which are also taken at the application center of visa which is a part of your visa application.

You need to collect all the residence permit of biometric within 10 days when you arriving time is near in the UK.

You may able to get faster all your services of visa. It depends on your country that you are in-check with the application of your visa.

Family Members

Your dependents, siblings and family members could able to come with you on this visa when you come to the UK. They must have a visa if they are outside of Switzerland or European Economic Area.

Dependent is anyone includes the following:

  • Your wife, husband, and another sex partner
  • Your child must be under 18

Complete guidance for your dependent application available you must read before applying for the visa.

Adult family members need to provide criminal record certificate which is necessary who belongs from any country where they live for 12 months or more than 10 years.

They also pay all the healthcare charges which are given treatment for them health-related issues as part of their application.

More details will be provided in the link give below

Posted On : November-20-2016

Exceptional Talent Visa for the UK

This is great news for all visa seeker and job seeker who dreamt that they will become into the UK, because of their one of the best opportunity for all eager candidate who wants to live in the UK and build their future to find work in the UK.

You will apply for the visa of Exceptional Talent when if you have the endorsement in the field of science, medicine, information technology, robotics, engineering, humanities or the arts as:

  • An emerging leader for the exceptional promise.
  • A recognized leader in exceptional talent.
  • You must be outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Application Process for this visa has 2 – stages.

You need to apply first for the office or home endorsement as an emerging leader in your field.

If once you endorsed you can apply for the visa there are some places is defined for this visa category.

After an endorsement, the application process for this earliest of 3 months before you travel. You can apply for a visa from March of 16 when you plan to travel to the 15 June.

When you apply for this visa you can get a decision within 3 weeks while you apply from the outside of the UK.

Stage 1:

All the applicants need to pay the fee for the first stage is an E287 fee to get endorsement when applying for the switching your visa or May you apply for the first time including of this visa category. If you do not have an endorsement then you won’t automatically get a visa when your visa is turned down then you reimbursed the fee of your endorsement.

Stage 2:

For exceptional talent, visa depends on your all fee circumstances.

How long you can stay with Talent visa in the UK

You can stay in the UK for not more than 5 years and 4 months when you apply for the outside of UK. You can choose how long you can stay for the apply maximum time allowed. You have to pay all the healthcare surcharge and another amount you can choose stay if you need to extend the visa for more than 5 years then you need to read the complete details of extension of your visa.

In this visa, you will find complete information check the details in the link below.


Posted On : November-20-2016

Visa for Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) in the UK

If you want to get Graduate Entrepreneur visa then you are able to set up your business in the UK if you are:

  • A graduate who has been officially having a one of genuine and incredible business idea.
  • Meet all other eligibility criteria.

Endorsement getting

You must endorse by the

  • DIT (Department of International Trade) as part of the global entrepreneur graduate program.
  • If it is an authorized endorsing body by UK higher education institution (HEI).
Posted On : November-13-2016

UK General Visa for Skilled Work (Tier 2)

Candidate can apply for Tier 2 Skill work (General) visa if:

  • You have been offered the job and skilled work in the UK.
  • You are outside the UK and Switzerland.

You need to provide the certificate of sponsorship from that sponsor who has licensed before applying for work and job in the UK.

The work must be same as your sponsor working in some organization.

How long it will take

You need to apply for a visa before 3 months the day you start working in the UK. This date appeared on the certificate of your sponsorship.

You are able to get a decision on the visa within 3 weeks when you apply for a visa in the UK from outside.

Fee Process

How much you have to pay for Tier 2 (General) visa this depends on the situation where you are applying for a visa. Fees details also given in the link which available at the bottom of this page.

As per your application requirements, you will pay the healthcare surcharge fee details of shortage occupation fee are listed then you have to check in the link.

How long you can stay in Tier 2 Skill Work (General) Visa

You are allowed in the UK with Tier 2 visa for a maximum of 5 years and 14 days, or the given time in your certificate of sponsorship and 1 month given for shorter.

After getting expires your visa you can apply for an extension of your visa before the expiration of your current visa, but you do not stay more than 6 years.

How to Apply for Visa

Before applying you should read the full guidance of policy. You will pay all the healthcare surcharge which is part of your application.

You must apply online for Tier 2 (general) visa all type of requirements of photograph and fingerprints and biometric verification taken in your visa application center.

You have to collect the biometric permit and other verification within 10 days before arriving in the UK you may be able to get the visa and other services faster.

This link can give you more details about this visa check for more details.

Posted On : November-12-2016