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Visas for Germany

100% German Visit Visa – Agriculture Program

German Visit Visa is being offered for Agriculture Program. 100% guaranteed results. It is a great opportunity for people who have farming and agriculture background, who want to improve their agriculture business, or are keen to start off with their careers or business in the field of agriculture. All you have to do is to arrange the following documents:

  • Academic degrees & credentials

  • Updated CV

  • Original Passport

  • Scanned copy of passport

  • 4 photos

  • Bank Statement

  • Job Proof Letter

  • Bank Account Letter

  • Property Documents

  • Family Certificate

Interested people can contact us with full confidence at the following number:


Posted On : March-01-2018


Attention all the aspiring and talented students. We are not only offering you the chance of your Lifetime, but literally also giving you the chance of making your Lifetime. Now you can study in Germany without any tuition fee. Admissions are open in various renowned universities offering BS, MS, Masters, M.Phil and much more.

One of our many shining examples is Mr. Noman Butt, having done his Honors in Mechanical Technology, with 3+ CGPA. He successfully got admission in Germany’s renowned public sector university in MSc Process Safety and Environmental Engineering, without having to pay any tuition fee.

Posted On : July-19-2017

Get a study visa go to Germany

People wishing to move into Germany and find different ways to get any type of visa. Students frequently search for study visa in Germany as educational institutions are reputed for their quality of education.  Degrees acquired from Germany are acknowledged throughout the whole world. German Government makes financial arrangements. Arrangement for academic programmers. Education department serves direction to the state schools, colleges, and universities.

Admission and process of Visa

The process of visa for admission is generally a complex process. Sometimes, the interview for the student visa may get so deceptive due to little or partial information about many types of questions which are asked during the student visa and you don’t know what the officer expects from you. This activity is a life changing process one should be careful about it to accomplish each step satisfactorily for your study visa admission process.

List of Colleges and Universities across Germany.Germany is famous for quality education which is mostly preferred by the international student's community for education in Germany offers student visa across 380 recognized colleges and universities from all over the world.

Program by faculty

German universities offer a wide range of programs for students to impart the standard education. Following are the frequently offered courses in Germany:

  1. Engineering and science
  2. Medical and medicine
  3. Agriculture, nutritional science, and forestry
  4. Mathematics
  5. Sports
  6. Social sciences, law, and economics
  7. Cultural studies and language
  8. Working Right on your Study visa

A student urging to study in Germany is permitted to work up to 20 hours in a week during their study time as part time or full time during vacation and public holidays. Students are allowed too few hours to meet their living expenses which are approximately 500 to 700 euro per week. On vacation, they are allowed to work as full time. One can search part time jobs by Internet surfing, reading any surfing through Internet, reading newspaper or job shops.

For direct link check this link: More

Posted On : January-13-2017

Apply for business visa in Germany

All those wishing to apply and feel inspired to work and expand their business in Germany can apply for a Business Visa. However, the residents of some countries don't require a visa while they stay less than for 90 days.

Many people like to visit Germany every year.Therefore, the business visa will provide them the good reason to visit Germany for a business trip. It's a dream of many individuals to avail a business visa and establish their business.


If you are planning to visit Germany for business visa purpose then you have to submit following documents:

  1. Fill in the Business Visa Application Form.
  2. 2 latest photographs.
  3. Passport with maximum validity.
  4. Bank statement of 3 previous months.
  5. Health-related Confirmation Letter from insurance worth at least EUR 30,000.00
  6. References to your business.
  7. Confirmation of the hotel reservation and airline ticket.
  8. Driving license of the applicant and details of utility bills concerning the accommodation evidence.
  9. Payment of Business visa charges at least EUR 60.00


At Times Consultants we offer our services to help our clients by providing easy, simple and efficient ways to place your visa application. Our panel constitutes professionals with experience of exhibiting 100 percent successes in virtually all cases. Should you require any information about your Business Visa in Germany please send us an email. We would be highly pleased to reserve your appointment with our official to respond promptly and provide you all the required issue.

For more queries, you can contact us by calling us on Cell no.03008249640 and send us your mail on (

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Visa to visit Germany Spend your holidays

Tourism plays a vital role in everybody's life.  Tourism could be of different kinds.  From the business trip to honeymoon and other casual trips, people do visit a country.  People who have ever visited this country have always desired of getting back to this country. Germany offers almost everything tourists would look for.  It has the best range of Parks and natural beauty.  It catches the attention of everyone from foreign countries.  It offers quality life in general.  From historical and ancient records of different civilizations till the ouster of the new technological era and life it has everything to display.  This is a golden opportunity for everyone to visit this awesome country with us. 

From the initial process of Visa and to the air ticket till hotel stay are all offered here

There are different packages and to get you this opportunity try to be in time.    

The country provides great opportunities for tourism and it welcomes its tourists warmly. The applicant must go through a valid visa process that is mentioned and written against each visa.  He has to undergo all the process the way it is directed and he is off to Germany. 


Requirement of visit visa for Germany

1) The applicant visa form is filled correctly.  There shouldn't be anything unclear. 

2) Original passport with at least six months validity time should be with the applicant. 

3) Passport size photographs are needed from the applicants.

Copy of all visa documents and other pages with photocopy of original passport

Take the copy of your tickets for confirmation. 

Healthcare evidence for ensuring safe international flight.   

Applicant must submit the copy of foreign exchange and credit cards.    

Applicants who want to stay in the hotel should provide the copy of hotel reservation.

If the visa holder is going to stay with a friend or family member must provide the letter of invitation from the Germany host.

Bank statement copies of last six months.

Visa fee slip. 

For the adult, a fee will be charged 63.7315 EUR.

For children, age 6 to 12 will be charged 38.5426 EUR.

Children below 6 years will not be charged any visa fee.

For contact   us at

Posted On : January-13-2017

Study Visa those for who want to study in Germany

Universities of Germany are very popular internationally all over the world. Students like to study in Germany colleges and universities. The quality of education is admired by the students from all over the world.  If one ever study there in any institution of Germany. The degree holder is acknowledged and given preference everywhere because those degrees and certificates of Germany's universities have it's own worth and value everywhere. Academic programs are managed by the government of Germany in the field of finance and administration.

How to Apply

Process of Admission visa

Complexities always occur when people want to take action for a visa process of admission because when you want to do an action for your visa process the first thought that would strike your mind is that, what would be the visa offering party expectations from you. This step is taken carefully because this is a life-changing opportunity for your bright future.

Apply for Admission

The choices of your study disciplines are to be finalized before sending the application for Visa should and choose the universities and institutions in which you are seeking admissions. We also help you in submitting your applications for a student visa for different universities in order to increase the chances of your admission. After submission, we regularly keep in touch and keep contact with the universities for your applications and update you regularly.

Offer Letter arrival.

At the time when we would get a notification for your student visa admission letter, we will forward it to you. Give a quick response after receiving the offer letter, because universities give certain time for closing off the admission offer. 

Organize your balance

For student visa, you need a covering letter and the complete list of expenses for your living here would be given to you. You should go to the nearest Deutsche bank and open an account in any branch bank of Germany.

You need to take the visa process of an entire case of your visa and submit the entire supporting document before your appointment date. German language course will also be provided. For more assessment please visit the given links.

Posted On : December-30-2016

Germany Visas for JOB SEEKERS

Visas for all Pakistani nationals who are seeking jobs in Germany.  Personal Appearance for interview before the German embassy is mandatory for all the applicants who wish to seek job in Germany. Applicants may book appointment from German embassy online. Application all the required documents will be forwarded to German officials for approval. The applicants will not be allowed to take up employment with job seeker visa. The following documents will be required to apply for job seeker visa: two application forms filled and signed by the applicant mentioning details of residence in Germany as well as address, contact number, email address in Pakistan. Security clearance certificate, three passport size photos with white background, valid passport along the stamped copies of page1 and 2, personal CV and academic testimonials, language certificates like: TOFL, IELTS, and a proof of sufficient fund to spend the entire duration at Germany. Health insurance and other essential documents should be attached along.

Posted On : June-16-2016

Business opportunities in Germany

If you intend to start your own business in Germany, we are here to facilitate you. Get your business Visas for Germany today. Submit your letter of invitation issued by your business partner in Germany, details of your trip to Germany, business reference letter issued by your employer stating your designation; the letter must state your tenure and experience with the company. For self-employed person, a covering letter giving details of yourself, your business and about your trip. Submit documents giving details of your business activities with your business partner. Attach letter of recommendation issued by chamber of commerce, industry, or association. Submit the letters one in original and one in copy. The rest of the formalities will remain the same as for tourist visas.

Posted On : June-16-2016

Visit visa for Germany

Get Visit visas to Germany. Visit Germany and get explored to historical and beautiful places in Germany. Submit two application forms signed by the applicant along with three passport size photos, valid passport, a complete list of children and relatives living abroad, valid health insurance, security clearance, details of financial documentation, salary slip, extract of bank account, and documentation of travel and hotel arrangements. In order to facilitate the payment procedure provides the following change: 1x Rs. 5,000 note; 1x Rs. 1,000 note; 1x Rs. 500 note and the rest in small notes. For further information and details visit the following links:

Posted On : June-16-2016