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Visas for Canada

Immigrant Federal Skilled Workers Program

Now the new system applied to manage people that how they can apply for a program called Express Entry.

Immigrated as a Skilled Worker by using Express Entry

For skilled immigrants live as a permanent resident based on the ability to live permanent in Canada and our economy gives a part for them. To manage people with skilled work experience program who applying for immigration to Canada this system is called Express Entry.

Work of Express Entry

An Express Entry system provide you overview about filling your online profile and how to apply for permanent residency.

Become a Candidate

Get the entry in Express Entry pool, your eligibility criteria and what you need to add in your profile that include you in the express entry pool.

More details about express entry are given in detail check the link for complete line by line information

Assessment Form Download

Posted On : November-12-2016

Work Process for Express Entry

Express entry work for managing different application process for the permanent residence of federal economic immigration programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  2. Canadian Experience program
  3. Provincial Nominee program
  4. Canadian Experience Class

Territories and provinces recruit a candidate for the permanent residence through express entry system to meet the local labor market.

Posted On : November-12-2016

Vacancy in Dubai good Opportunity for all Candidate

There is an opportunity given for all of that candidate who is stay in Dubai and go to Dubai on visit Visa so, they have an opportunity to apply for a job, because of the well-known company of Dubai hiring employees for the post of Accountant.

Fantastic salary packages offered a candidate who has 5 + year Experience in ERP or Tally, clear accounting and keeping the book.

Starting pay will be given 3,000 monthly (AED) candidate should work on chartered accounting and live in Sharjah.

Interested candidate can post their CV on the give mail address

Link give for more details on the website where the job is offered.


Posted On : November-12-2016

Permanent Residence Applicants for Visa

Applying for permanent residency visa under the Federal Skilled Trade (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC) programs and Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) you must have to create the Express Entry Profile before you are invited to apply.

Note: for this type of visas and programs, territories and states use a specific portion of the provincial nominee program (PNP) to nominate a candidate for the express entry.

Determine the Criteria of Your Eligibility

Streams for eligibility requirements of each province and territory nomination and guidelines for their PNP can be changed without informing to the candidate. For the most up to date information about the roles of application of different provinces and territories available on this site.

Under the Non-Express Entry Stream nomination:

  • Your application on the basis of paper-based process, and
  • If the territory and province mention you eligible and nominates you, then you are able to send the application for citizenship and immigration for Canada (CIC).

If you under the nominated territory and province Express entry stream:

  • You must meet with their requirements, and
  • Meeting with minimum criteria which are defined for Express Entry
  • Meeting the requirements includes at least one of the immigration programs covers.

For more information about eligibility criteria you can use online tool which provides you complete information, if you are invited permanent residence application then you have to submit an online application for CIC.

Check the link for how to come Canada

How to Apply for the PNP

  • Apply to the territory and province for nomination,
  • If you are nominated by the territory or province then apply for the CIC permanent residence.

Complete your Express Entry stream profile and you must meet the minimum criteria for express entry.

For more details visit the link for complete information about this visa.

Posted On : November-09-2016

Visa for Diversity Program Instructions for Entry

The instructions of DV-2018 program English version available in PDF format provided for user convenience and use required. Download the PDF go to the link given below.

The official version of program instruction is only available in English language unofficial translation also available in additional languages.

This section of the visa explains the process of entry for the purpose of immigrant visa for Diversity. First step of diversity immigrant visa for pursuing. Other additional information available in subsequent pages displayed in the visual flow chart.

Section of 203© the immigration and nationality act (INA) class of immigrants known as diversity immigrants, from other countries this visa has low rates historically for immigration to the united states. Limited visa application for a fiscal year. DV visas distributed between almost six geographic regions and at least each country receive more than seven percent visas of available DVS in a year.

Requirements for DV visa program provided by the US law of immigration. If you would like to register for the DVs visas program so, you must read all the instruction and requirements for your visa type.

No cost for registration of the DV program. You are encouraged for entry of this program without a consultant of Visa or visa agent as well some other facilitator who offer help. If there is some kind person who would like to help you, then you should be prepared for entry when you present the correct answers to the questions and confirm the retain page confirmation number.

When your confirmation is received then you will be directed for further confirmation all other details about the DV Visa programs given in detail in the link given below.

Posted On : November-09-2016

Canada Visa for Self Employed People

Program for self-employed people seeks for those people and bring who will work in Canada as a self-employed. Following eligibilities they must have:

  • Experience in the relevant field of farm management and ability to manage and take care of farm in Canada.
  • Relevant experience in required field or other cultural activities and make a contribution and able to take a part in athletic or cultural activities of Canada life.

Determine Eligibility for yourself:

Know about your eligibility about to immigration to Canada for the purpose of self-employed.Details for meeting with Eligibility criteria are given in the link below.

Relevant Experience

Your experience is relevant with:

  • Able to take a significant part in athletics or activities at a world-class level.
  • Self-employed in athletics and other relevant cultural activities.
  • Managing farm in Canada work before in that field little bit experience will be needed.

Further details also give about eligibility criteria in the link give above.

Posted On : November-03-2016

Immigration to Canada Complete Applying Process

If you want to come to Canada and extend your staying in Canada for long period details are given.

Find your eligibility for applying

Need to know for which types of immigration programs you can apply. Each program has the different application process and requirements for eligibility.

The questions which can asked from

  • Education
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Family members
  • Language ability
  • Income source
  • Details about when job offered

Based on your response we can decide that for what types of programs you may able to apply.

Details instruction for your eligibility is given in the link below;jsessionid=E11D5D18EF6B88F7BE61A120CF22BC73

Posted On : November-02-2016

Visit to canada visa requirements

Different areas of certain territories and countries have the role to give them biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) for the purpose of applying for visitor visa, work permit, study permit find out information for the biometrics details link is given for biometric information.

Fees for Biometrics if Required:

       Application                          $CAN                     PKR

  • Individual                                    85                           6,800
  • Family                                       170                         13,600
  • Group of entertainers                   255                         20,400

Note: fee for biometrics cover all types of activities cost, including fingerprints and a passport size photo. It covers VAC services to all the clients who submitted the application through a VAC.

Some of the core services applications include transmission of visa application to the office, checks completeness, supporting document passport from the visa office and tracking services for online applications.

Pay your Visa Fee Online

Before submitting your application you will be asked about paying your fees which you can submit through your account. You can pay the fee with prepaid card, credit card from

  1. American Express
  2. Master Card and
  3. Visa
Posted On : November-01-2016