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Oxford University for International Students Rhodes Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate recompenses supporting excellent all-round understudies at the University of Oxford. Built up in the will of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, the Rhodes is the most established and maybe the most prestigious global grant program on the planet.

Oxford University in UK

Level/Fields of study:

Subject to constrained confinements, Rhodes Scholars may concentrate any full-time postgraduate degree (counting the BA with senior status more than two years) at the University of Oxford.

Number of Scholarships: A class of 89 Scholars is chosen every year

Target bunch:

Understudies from Australia, and the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Southern Africa (counting South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland), United Arab Emirates, United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Grant esteem/incorporations/span:

A Rhodes scholarship covers all University and College expenses, toward the begin of the Scholarship, and in addition an at the finish of the Scholarship.

The fundamental residency of the grant is two years, subject dependably, and at all times, to tasteful scholastic execution and individual behavior.


The accompanying qualification criteria apply to all candidates for the Rhodes Scholarships:

• Citizenship and residency prerequisites of the Rhodes body electorate for which they are applying. It would be ideal if you check the point by point data precisely through the nation joins.

• Age: Age limits change amongst body’s electorate and reach from a base age utmost of 18 to a greatest of 28 by 1 October of the year taking after choice. In many electorates, as far as possible is 24 or 25. If you don't mind check deliberately the particular age prerequisites for your voting public before applying. Fruitful competitors will touch base in Oxford the October taking after the choice procedure. The Scholarship may not typically be conceded.

• Education: All candidates probably accomplished scholarly standing adequately progressed to guarantee finishing of a four year certification by the October taking after decision. Scholastic standing must be adequately high to guarantee admission to the University of Oxford, which has extremely aggressive section necessities, and to give certainty that Rhodes Scholars will perform to a high scholarly standard in Oxford. Singular voting public may indicate a first or proportionate. A few voting public require a college degree to have been taken inside the body electorate of utilization.

Application directions:

All contender for the Scholarship ought to peruse the data about the Scholarships appropriate all inclusive, and after that continue to their nation particular page to peruse the application criteria, qualification necessities, and due date particular to their nation.

Applications for Rhodes Scholarships open amid the spring and summer of the first year. Due date changes per nation however is around July-October of the previous year you wish to ponder.

It is essential to peruse the how to apply page and visit the official site (join found beneath) for point by point data on the most proficient method to apply for this grant.

Oxford University for International Students Rhodes Scholarships

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