• Tuition Free Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Finland

    The University of Oulu Finland is offering tuition free scholarships for international students. In 2013, 330 scholarships were offered which are also eligible for the current year 2015 as well. Students from all around the world will not be charged any tuition fee to start their degree programme in the Autumn Semester 2015. These scholarships are offered in different fields, some of which are mentioned here i.e business, education, engineering, architecture and sciences. However a complete list of offered courses/fields can be found by visiting website link which is given at the end of this page. Before you start filling out the application form, just make sure that you have meet all the requirement of the programme admissions. Following are some general requirements given but each course has its own requirements associated to it. An applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent degree from a recognized institution. Students who are in their last term/semester can also apply for scholarship, applicants having excellent academic record has a golden opportunity because they will be preferred. All applicants are required to prove high level of proficiency in English language. IELTS, TOEFL and PTE are acceptable. This scholarship will last one or two years long. There is no specific deadline as these scholarships are offered annually.

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  • CIMO Doctoral Fellowships in Finland

    Finish university of Finland offers CIMO fellowships program to Doctoral level students and researches from all over the world and in each course which is offered by university. It is a great scholarship for Pakistani students as well. There is no deadline for these scholarships, these are offered every year. However number of scholarships is not specified. Scholarship period may vary from three to twelve months and its monthly allowance is about fifteen hundred Euros. An applicant must have a motivation letter of maximum one page, a complete CV and a research plan of at least 3 to 5 pages.

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