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visa for United Kingdom

Investor visa for the UK

November-20-2016 Islamabad

You can apply for this visa if:

  1. You are interested in investing in UK 2,000,000 euro or more.
  2. You are meet all other eligibility requirements.

Before traveling you have to apply 3 months earliest.

How long you can stay

When you come to the UK within the investor visa then you are allowed for maximum 3 years and 4 months to stay in the UK, you are also allowed to extend your visa.

You should first include any dependents which already on your current visa application to an extent also you can include your siblings who have turned to 18 during your stay in the UK.

Financial Sponsorship for Students

You may also apply for the visa of Investor when you are already in the UK or you are:

  1. A student nurse
  2. General Visa (Tier 4) holder
  3. Writing up your thesis, re-sitting up an exam or studying
  4. A qualified nurse or midwife-related to overseas.

Applying for Investor visa read Guidance

You have to read complete guidance before applying for this visa which provides you complete details about the application process and gives you complete guidance of fee-related details.

You will need to have a photograph, fingerprints which are also taken at the application center of visa which is a part of your visa application.

You need to collect all the residence permit of biometric within 10 days when you arriving time is near in the UK.

You may able to get faster all your services of visa. It depends on your country that you are in-check with the application of your visa.

Family Members

Your dependents, siblings and family members could able to come with you on this visa when you come to the UK. They must have a visa if they are outside of Switzerland or European Economic Area.

Dependent is anyone includes the following:

  • Your wife, husband, and another sex partner
  • Your child must be under 18

Complete guidance for your dependent application available you must read before applying for the visa.

Adult family members need to provide criminal record certificate which is necessary who belongs from any country where they live for 12 months or more than 10 years.

They also pay all the healthcare charges which are given treatment for them health-related issues as part of their application.

More details will be provided in the link give below


Eligibility Requirements for you

You must invest at least 2,000,000 euro funds while before applying to the Investor visa.

You must include admitting that:

  1. Apply for this visa you must be 18 or above.
  2. To prove that the belongs to your wife, husband, same-sex partner or an unmarried partner
  3. An account in UK bank.
  4. Your funds should be more than one regulated financial institutions.

How to Apply

Guidance processing timing:

Check that how long you could able to wait for your visa so, if you want to get some decision on your visa application while applying from the outside of UK.

There is also some another guidance available that if you want to switch your visa within the UK, check the complete details about visa which is given in the link below.

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