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Temporary Worker – Government Authorized Exchange Visa for the UK

November-21-2016 Islamabad

You are able to apply for the visa of Temporary worker – government authorized Exchange visa if you have the following eligibilities criteria.

  1. If you are interested in getting the opportunity for UK visa then there is a good way to take a short time for training and some work experience, research or fellowship, an overseas language program from a government authorized exchange scheme approval also take from the government.
  2. Also meet some other requirements of eligibility and should outside the European Economic Area.


You need to have the sponsorship of certificate from licensed sponsor before you are applying and coming to the UK for work.

Your research, training, and work must be related the work of your sponsor organization.

  1. An approved exchange scheme for running the organization.
  2. Higher education institution.
  3. Government department or agency.


Eligibility Criteria

You must have the following:

  • The reference numbers of your sponsorship certificate for the sponsor your UK.
  • 945 euro in your account which shows that you can support yourself and also you must had the bank account for 3 months before your visa application.

Certificate of Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship certificate is a reference number which holds the information about your personal details and your job details. It’s not actually a paper document or certificate.
  • Your sponsor will give you’re a reference number of sponsorship certificate.
  • They also must give details information to help you can apply for working and other activities.
  • You will need to add a reference number of your sponsorship certificate for your application form you can only use it once.

Multiple Entry

Your sponsor also allows you to give multiple sponsorship certificate entry when you can leave and return to the UK.

Documents which you must provide

  • All the valid travel documentation and your current passport.
  • Statement of the bank which shows you have at least 945 euros in savings for 3 months continuously before applying to the visa which proves that you can easily support yourself in the UK.
  • You must provide all the original documents and photocopy.

Apply for this visa

Read the full applying guidance for your visa.

You will also pay the charges of health related which is also part of your application.

You can also check the complete details about this visa in the given link which will give you whole information for your convenience check the link

How to Apply

How long you can stay with this Visa

You can stay up for this visa in the UK up to 12 to 24 months it depends on your applying scheme or the time given to your certificate also adding 28 days more.

What you can and can’t do

You can:

  1. Study the courses for your academic technology approval certificate
  2. The job or work which is defined in your certificate of sponsorship.
  3. You can do the job for maximum up to 20 hours per week.
  4. You are allowed to do the job for up to 20 hours on the tier 2 occupation list for up to 20 hours per week as your main job.
  5. Apply to switch the Exceptional talent visa if you are from the government authorized scheme exchange for research sponsored.
  6. You also bring your family members with you.

You can’t:

  1. Take a permanent job
  2. Any public funds

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