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Entry for Australia on Temporary Activity Visa

November-30-2016 Islamabad

You can visit Australia for temporary basis:

  1. Work in the industry where opportunity for entertainment.
  2. Participate some entertainment activities on the basis of an invitation from Australian organization.
  3. Observe the research project of an Australian invitation for participation.
  4. Work in a skilled position of exchange of staff arrangement.
  5. Take a part in some sports training programs or in sports competitions.
  6. Participate in special program approved by Australia government.
  7. Do domestic work for full-time in the household for foreign executives.
  8. Take a part in the endorsement event of government.


You might be able to get this visa if you:

  • Supported by the individual organization of Australia to undertake some specific activity and you:
  1. Applying from outside of Australia
  2. To stay in Australia for less than three months.
  • Sponsored by a sponsor who is approved sponsor to undertake specific activity you:
  1. Apply in Australia
  2. Apply outside of Australia and intend to stay in Australia for more than three months.

More Information about the Visa

The temporary activity visa (subclass 408) if for those people who want to come to the Australia for only some temporary basis to undertake the following activities.

  • Entertainer: Entertainment industry where you work as an actor for film or the motion activities, television or live productions performance the scene behind the role which you play. Such as production roles, directing and producing.


  • Invited participant: Australian organization invited people to stay up for 3 months to participate in some social and cultural event in Australia. Those special include religious, community events, sporting, conference etc.


  • Researcher: to:
    • Participate or observe is a research project which invited by the Australian government.
    • Undertake some activity in a research project of an Australian tertiary or research institution the research should relate to your field of study.


  • Religious worker: activities that are related to some religious worker serve all the objectives of religion that offered by some religious institution in Australia.


  • Special program: be a participant of an approved program that gives you the best way to take a part of all you exchange program, community benefits or cultural enrichment.


  • Sport:
  1. Play instructs, adjudicate or instruct under the Australian sporting organization or club under on the basis of the contract.
  2. Take a part in some sporting and training programs.


  • Exchange: work in a skilled position under the staff exchange of reciprocal arrangement to:
    1. Opportunity for another culture participant’s experience.
    2. Your international relations enhancement.
    3. Broad the knowledge and experience of your participants.
  • Super yacht crew: to be employed as a super yacht crew member on board a super yacht in Australia.
  • Domestic worker (executive): to work full time in the household of certain senior foreign executives.
  • Australian Government endorsed event: take a part in the endorsement event of an Australian government.

The visa require sponsorship for more than three months before you take decision for applying the visa of Temporary subclass (408)


How to Apply

If you applying for Australia then you must be approved by a sponsored who sponsored you for the temporary visa.

A better way to get complete details now goes on the link given below about this visa.

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