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Australia Visa for Business Talent

December-02-2016 Islamabad

This visa allows the candidate to come to the Australia and establish your new development business or may enhance your existing business in Australia there is two types stream.

  • Stream for significant business history: for high-caliber who want to do business in Australia
  • Capital Entrepreneur venture stream: for people who have sourced venture capital funding from the Australian venture capital Association limited.


You might get the visa if you are nominated by a territory or state of the government agency invited to apply by the minister.

About this Visa

The visa of business talent subclass 132 provides you complete permanent residence in Australia for the business people those who are nominated or invited by the government or state agency of Australia.

First the most important activity you should submit your expression of interest through skill select when you are invited to apply. You will be in or may outside of Australia when you are invited to apply for this visa.

What this let's bring for you

Business talent visa subclass (132) gives you the opportunity to establish a new business or develop your existing business in Australia.

This visa will allow you to live as a permanent residence in Australia also you bring your family member who also able to grant this visa.

  • You can stay indefinitely in Australia.
  • You will be allowed to work or study in Australia.
  • If you are a health related issue then you are enrolled in Medicare insurance scheme which provides health-related care and overcome your expenses.
  • Also may you able to sponsor your relative who is eligible to get a visa.
  • You can apply for the citizenship of Australia
  • Travel anywhere in Australia for five years from the date when your visa is granted.

Before You Apply

When you are submitting your expression of interest then you must specify:

  • The stream you intend to apply under
  • You are interested in establishing your business in one or more Australian territories or states.

When your expression of interest submitted, the government of Australia will examine it whether the visa for which you apply you are eligible or not and then they decided to nominate you for this visa. Different territories and state authorities have their own criteria for to provide you a nomination for a visa. The authorities first contact you when you are nominated for the visa and discuss all the possibilities of your new or existing business setup. Also, those authorities may some wait for you to contact them.

If you receive your visa invitation then you have 60 days to apply for a visa. During that time, your information which listed on your expression of interest you cannot change. In the case when you receive two invitation for your visa and you have not yet lodged your application then your expression of interest will be removed. In this case, you are interested in applying for a visa then you have to submit a new expression of interest.

For expression of interest, you do not need your supporting document your application need an extensive supporting document. Compile your all document early before the process.

 Information about employment and business in different territories and states is available for more check this link for further details.

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